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Update on the sudden loss of TJ

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Hi all,
Just wanted to thank you for all the replies and your condolences to my posts...It's been a week now since Tj died I was told by our vet that TJ's bladder was enlarged and full of blood and he thinks there may have been more wrong!!! Tj had a problem with his urethera pluggin and we spent hundreds of dollars for treatments and special food for himas well as his steroids, I sometimes feel it was my fault what happened as I wasnt home to help him but my vet did advise me I did all i could do and that i did a wonderful job caring for him like I did he said he hasnt met to many people who would what we did for him ..he had some clients that would just give up if there cats had this problem ...as for the rest of us its been very lonely here for all of us especially Emma not sure what more i can do for her i was thinking of getting her a lil playmate but am i ready for another kitty ? But as i sit here and type this, Emma is laying here on my desk with her head down lookin so depressed that my heart aches for her so bad ..Emma's had a rough life in the beginning of her's until I saved her and when i finally got her nursed back to health i felt i had accomplished something with her now seeing her in this way really concerns me ...so if any of you have any good advise please let me know what i can do to help Emma ...
Thank you all again
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i know when Mouse died i was really glad that i had 'acquired' Cable in october, so that Pixel wasn't alone. she was depressed some after, but having a bouncy kitten around kept her from going into a decline. so, from my experience, i would say to get another. you might try to find one close to Emma in energy level, & one that seems to respond more to cats than people. that way, Emma will still be 1st cat, at least to you, & the other can keep her company.
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You will know when and if the time is right to get another cat. My Max passed in July and sometimes I want to get another cat. But then I talk myself out of it.
I still have two cats and they are trying to work out issues between them as to who is in charge now that Max is gone. I don't want to complicate things for them.
You know better than anyone else what you little Emma will tolerate. So go for it if you are ready and you think it will help Emma. She is grieving, I am sure.
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Originally Posted by Bugaboo1
You will know when and if the time is right to get another cat.
I agree. When I lost my Petunia, I didn't think I was going to find another cat. Our other cat, Much, seemed ok as they weren't close. Then my husband told me that the vet had one kitten left from a litter they were raising. I spent a few minutes with her and a week later we had a kitten. Much (who was 10 at the time) ended up being more active with the kitten and actually lost weight. I think cats have a way of finding their ways into your lives. That is how I ended up with Lucy and Carly.

I would say give Emma extra love and attention. The other will take care itself.
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As the others said, cats have a way a finding a route into your lives. But the key thing is to NOT "talk yourself out of it" unless your life circumstances are way out of control, and you are unable to offer a safe, loving environment to the cat. I know from experience how difficult it is when your heart is grieving to open up again to the risk of loss. I have had to take in pregnant stray dogs (yikes! puppies are so much more WORK than kittens ) and deal with puppies at a time of great loss (close family members), which at first seemed like just that much more added stress, but before I knew it, I was smiling at cute puppy antics.
And suddenly adopting 2 kittens just after Sandie, my Himmy rescue, had to be put down, has really perked up JC. Also, the kittens seem to reduce the tension between Cindy & the others; they are too busy putting up with kitten-attacks and watching kitten-games to fight, these days..
My heart really goes out to Emma and you .TJ was a very special cat and his loss is so great. Even though he has gone on to a better place, it is hard to be left behind. And just when things seem to feel better, some little reminder pops up & the pain starts up again....oh, hearts can heal so slowly....but they do heal..
Thank you for the update. I had been wondering what happened, and how you and Emma are doing.
Hugs, susan
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