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Grad school interview!!!

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Ok so I've been very calm about this...until now. I have my first interview for grad school tomorrow morning, and it's for the program I REALLY want to get into: UCF's Counselor Education - Mental Health Counseling program. We (we being UCF since this is where I'm an undergrad) have the #1 program of this type in the nation this year and I would love to be able to stay here and not relocate!!! Anyway, I'm REALLY getting nervous about it! I could use some good luck, "you'll do awesome," vibes right now. Please be thinking of me tomorrow morning at 9am eastern!!!!! Eek!!!
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Katherine! This is wonderful!!!!!!!!! Good luck...and Congrats!!
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That is just wonderful news!! You will do so great, I will be sending you TONS of good luck vibes!!!
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You will do great!!, wishing you the best of luck
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You're going to do GREAT! Knock 'em dead!

Just a warning from someone in her first week of grad school right now- it's a LOT of work .
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Hahahaha, yeah, grad school takes up alllllll of your time and even more! I've been at it for about two months now. But I love it! Best of luck on your interview!
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Best of luck!!
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I can only imagine how stressful and scary this is for you! I am starting the process of applying to RN programs at local community colleges, and the idea of rejection terrifies me beyond words! So, grad school..? Wow!

Congrats for getting to this point- that's quite an accomplishment itself! Don't worry yourself too much, you will do fantastic. Look at how far you've come? You will have no problem sealing the deal and landing a spot in the program.

So, here are some "don't be scared, you will do fantastic" vibes for you!
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Thank you so much you guys! I've been talking about possible questions with a friend of mine who is already in the program so that's been helping me a bit. I'm jsut so nervous!! I'll be sure to let you guys know how I think it went when I get back tomorrow!
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I will certainly be thinking of you tomorrow, and sending lots of vibes your way, although I doubt you'll need them. You're gonna do great!
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I am sending {{{you'll do great}}} vibes your way!!! I think even without vibes you would do awesome!! But a few to back you up never hurt!! Dont forget to let us know how it goes!!
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I wanted to say good luck Katherine!

You will do awesome, I am sure of it!
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Oh gosh, I remember all my various interviews for the programs and Residencies I was applying to. I am sure you will do just fine. Get a good night's rest the night before and be prepared for the interview and you'll do just fine. I used to talk to ppl who had gone thru interviews before and sometimes the questions were similar and sometimes not but it's always good to have some good questions of your own. Show them that you have a passion for the program and you are THE best candidate for it!!! Good luck!!!!
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Congratulations!! I hope you have a very good interview!
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Thanks for all the well wishes you guys! I really appreciate it! The interview is an hour and a half away now and I feel like I'm going to explode!!!!!!!!
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Good Luck!!! Let us know how it goes!!
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I am eagerly anticipating your post! I'm sure things went well. Let us know!
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Oooh thinking of you!
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Well thanks again you guys for your support!! I really think the interview went well. For programs like the one I interviewed for today they always make you do the interview in groups to see how you interact with others, so I was with about 6 other candidates. They even made us do some group work. I really tried to be conscious of the way I was holding my body -- no "closed" positions, eye contact, turn toward WHOEVER was speaking, nodding at appropriate moments -- I did everything I could without seeming unnatural. Also, at the end of the interview the main interviewer walked around to each of us telling us "Thank you for participating" and shaking everyone's hand. Well, I noticed that most people did not stand up as she came by and did that and EVERY person before me only said, "Thank you" in response. So, when she got to me I stood up to shake her hand and said, "It was very nice meeting you." I've always been taught that any way you can make yourself stand out just that little extra bit is always a plus. I think I answered pretty well on all of the questions so HOPEFULLY I got in!! I should find out in a few weeks. I'll DEFINITELY let you guys know!

I'll be heading to South Carolina for another grad school interview in a couple of weeks, so I'll also post in this thread requesting more vibes for that!
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Thats great Katherine! I cant wait to hear how everything turns out!
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WOW! Sounds like you sure did stand out!! Can't wait to hear the decision!!!!
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