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Chloe-Ann the ex-feral kitten

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Hello. I am posting this about a really great, great cat named Chloe-Ann. She has been at my shelter since she was around 4 months old and is now a little over a year. We rotate cats in and out of Petsmart so they are more likely to get adopted and she has been there twice and came back with no luck. People just want the sweet, cuddly little kittens.

Chloe Ann has very thick long black and gray fur that needs groomed, brushed or clipped occationally. She is small as has honestly the cutest little face I have ever seen, even on my own cats! She is okay with being held and pet but as soon as you touch her the wrong way or in the wrong spot she lays her ears back and growls. She swats all the time but NEVER ONCE used her claws, on me anyway. You just have to know how to handle her. She will put her teeth on you but has never bit down or drew blood. Like she knows she isn't supposed to do that but forgets.

Chloe Ann has the most adorable defensive lion pose as I call it. She squats down and leans forward with her front legs outstretched up in the air in front of her. Similar to a person who is told to "stick 'em up" by a policeman when they are being arrested! It is very cute. I should be able to post a picture in the next day or so.

Anyways, Chloe Ann was originally going to be euthanized but a few of us at the shelter convinced the boss to let us work with her a bit. We really didn't know how to train a feral kitten to be friendly but the boss finally said alright and Chloe Ann is doing much, much better now just from us holding her and playing with her and grooming her. She has been at the shelter for a long, long time and we would really like to see her get adopted soon. Problem is that unless someone is trained in working with ferals, she is not allowed to go to a home with any children whatsoever. Most people that come in aren't feral cat experts either.

We don't euthanize cats here unless they are unfit for a new home so I am afraid one day they are going to decide she is still unadoptable and euthanize her. The head cat care girl is doubling up adult cats in a cage to make room. It is horrible. I might be worrying for nothing but I thought I would post her story here anyway. We also don't do the spay and release animals unfortunately and we do not allow animals to be sent to a barn to live, even though I think is sometimes better then euthanizing them if they are fixed and everything, no exceptions. Someone came in one time with a outdoor cat farm full of rescued healthy neutered and spayed cats that she buys premium quality food and provides vet care for and offered to take any cats that are considered un-adoptable and will be euthanized. The manager still said no outdoor cat adoptions period. rrgg this place makes me mad sometimes. With Chloe Ann's long, thick fur though, she would be a knotted mess in no time living outside. So that really isn't an option anyway.

I was hoping maybe someone on this board who lives in Ohio or willing to travel may be interested in either adopting her or even adopting her and then rehoming her when she gets a little more comfortable around people. Foster her perhaps? I have 7 cats already otherwise she would already be adopted by me. I love this cat but I waaay over my limit for my apartment as it is. Also, if anyone can do it, it would be doing me a favor, not the shelter, I am doing this on my own, they didn't ask me to "promote" her, so you would still have to pay the adoption fee of I believe $65 it is. Maybe I could help out a bit with that. I just want her to find a home soon before she is never cured of her feral instincts. She should have been put right into a foster home when she came in and was not.

Please help Miss Chloe Ann. She has been caged too long. I know there cats many cats all over that are in the same situation but she is special to me.


Pictures soon.
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Good luck with finding Chloe Ann a wonderful furrever home. She sounds like such a sweetie.
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Awww, she sounds awesome! I sued to work with a rescue group that let their animals run free in their adoption centre.. and they had alot of ferals brought in... I didn't tame them.. but they became less afraid of people after working with them awhile.. This came from hours upon hours of sitting still and waiting for them to come to me. I wish I were closer! She would have a home in an instant if I was. =(
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Here she is, hope this looks okay to everyone.
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Forget that, there she is in my sig
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Shes beautiful!
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