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Tellington Touch???

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Hello - A couple of days ago I posted some concerns about my Angora CC who is depressed it seems - what is the Tellington Touch? How can I find out more about it? ALSO any ideas how to make food (K/D Diet) more appealing? Does anybody have luck with brewers yeast?

THANKS ~ Luv, Kat
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You might want to pm Momofmany about this subject. I remember her post about having taken classes in Tellington Touch.

I'm not sure that brewer's yeast is a good idea to make food more appealing - it can be difficult for cats to digest. There are lots of "bribe" foods and treats, including Kitty Caviar which is very thin bonito (fish) shavings that many cats love. Some cats also love baby food; get a plain flavor such as chicken or turkey and double check the ingredient label to make sure there is NO onion in it, which is very harmful to cats.
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There is a great book that will indroduce you to TTouch. It's called The Tellington TTouch, written by the wonderful woman who developed the method, Linda Tellington-Jones. I just purchased a used copy on www.half.com for a very reasonable price and I must say I HIGHLY recommend the book & her methods. The book explains the origins of the method, helps you get started practicing on your own pets, and even offers advice on solving common behavior problems. I worked with a vet who used the method and I must say I witnessed phenominal positive changes in the animals she worked on. And from personal experience I can say I found the method easy to learn & fun to use!
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http://tellingtonttouch.com/ Here's the official website. There are some articles and further info there.
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A friend of mine teaches TTouch and I took her class. I used it primarily on my old girl that was suffering the effects of strokes but use the touch on some of mine to relax them.

Read up on it but try to find someone in your area to show you how it is done. There is nothing like having someone do the TTouch on yourself to get a sense on how much pressure is applied and points to apply it. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to take the time to learn it.

Here's my friend's website. I don't know if she would have contacts in your area.

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