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Unusual Eating habits

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My two cats have some tastes that I haven't seem much of in my other cats through the years and I wonder if its more common than I knew.

Zart, our little (now spayed) female torty, MUST have greens fairly often. She loves lettuce and broccoli, especially. She is also very keen on soy-based "chicken" nuggets.

Georgie, the big neutered male, is a fruit lover. His favorite is dried apricots. When he hears us opening the plastic lid he runs from wherever he is. He gets one, in little pieces.

Any problem with this?
Does anyone else see this kind of thing?

And, by the way - these are the "fighting cats" of my post a few months back.
With the advice I got on this forum, together with A LOT of patience in the re-introduction mode, things are 100% back to normal with our friends. We have a happy - sometimes a little rowdy - home again.

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Well they're getting lots of fibre! I don't think there's anything wrong with them eating veges though.
There are a couple of threads about the strange stuff some kitties eat!
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My weird girl, Gracie, absolutely LOVES lettuce, moreso than any other treats. She'll actually stand on her hind legs and beg for it. She also enjoys
bananas, blueberries, celery and other fruits and veggie on ocassion. I asked my vet about this a while back and she said this is unusual, but fine.
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No problems, so long as they're treats, not the main course.
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Our Sunny enjoys fruit, as well as other sweet things (don't worry...we've never given her candy, or anything...lol). Hobbes will eat anything you offer him. He actually almost ate a mushroom yesterday!! LOL...
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