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Claws and Pads??

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, sorry to the Mods if it isn't!

Firstly, Molly has very curled claws and some that are overly thick (in depth, ie thick, but not very curly).

I was clipping her claws yesterday and I noticed sort of little wart type lumps on the tops of her pads - where her claws must touch the pads. These wart type things aren't on the pads of the thick claws.

Do you think that her curled claws are causing these lumps? (I have touched them and they don't bother her at all)

Also, do you think that the thick claws affect her? (the back one sticks out forward and they are difficult to clip)

Any advice or experience will be very welcome!
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It sounds like the nails have caused a callus. In the future, I would be sure to keep the nails trimmed on a regular basis and before they get overgrown.
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Thank you, Sandie!

I do always keep them clipped on a regular basis! So i'm not sure how it could have happened (we have to keep them short as she has velcro feet)

What should I do about the calluses?! Is there any way I can make them better/go away?!

What about the very thick, long claw?! She has a big one on her back paw and you can see it even when her claws on contracted!
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my cat has one very think claw as well.. it doesn't fit into my kitty nails clipper.. so I use the dogs clippers on that nail.

Also, some cats get these things on their toes or pads if you will, its sorta like a toenail growing though the pads.. two of my boys get that.. all I do is clip it off when it gets big enough. not sure if its the same thing your tlaking about.
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Some cats just have thicker claws than others. You can use bag balm to help..
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So it shouldn't be anything to worry about?!

Thank you, Leto86!

Thank you, Sandie! I'll have to contact them and see if they ship to the UK - unless there's a UK equivalent - as I haven't heard of that product!

Thank you for the help, it has put my mind more at rest now! I will also have the vet take a look when we go for Molly's and Tibby's boosters!
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