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A project

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I had an idea today to make a picture slideshow with music of the kitties of TCS that aren't with us anymore.

If you would like your kittie that has passed on to be in it, please post a pic of them here, can be more than one. If you prefer not, I understand.

What I will do is have the picture slideshow with 1 or more songs (depends how big the picture slideshow is) with the pics of the kitties, and their name and TCS owner's username.

I would really like any imput, I especially need to know if anyone knows of any slideshow makers that I can download, or if you have any ideas of some songs to use in it.

I hope to put it up on TCS for all to see!

I hope you guys think this is a good idea
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I think that's a lovely idea!
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That is such a sweet idea. I have posted a pic of Sunni, my beautiful girl. RIP, August 2000 - June 2005.

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I am glad you guys like it its kinda like a memorial, so everyone can see and remember all our kitties over the rainbow bridge

I had some more ideas, it would be great if possible if you could give to me the dates like Sunnicat has, of the birth and death of your kitty.
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Microsoft has a free one that I've used before and liked and it's really, really easy too! I forgot the name of it. You can also make and store one here: for free.
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That is a really nice idea!! My recent kitty that passed, though was the "neighborhood's cat", and the only picture I got of him is really poor. I could never get real close to him to get a better picture.

Also, if you have Comcast as your internet provider, you can get Photoshow for's a really nice slideshow maker, with music options.
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Thanks for all your help! I have started, I just need some piccies, so if you would like your special kittie to be in it, please post them!
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Guyas rather than post them here, perhaps you can just email her through the website and send them that way? Our server keeps bogging down big time and anything not draining it at this point would be a plus-


I am also moving this to fur pictures
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I think it's a fantastic idea! I need to scan some pics of my older babies to do it though. If e-mailing is ok then I'll do it that way! Or would a link to photobucket work?
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That's a very nice thing for you to do and I would love to have my kitties who have passed away in it too. Here's their pictures and dates. Thanks!

Lucki- 1992-1995

Kit- 1986-1996

Blackie- 1987-2001
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This is a wonderful idea!!, I just sent you some info on 3 of my RB kitties.
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here's my beautiful Mouse, who left me December 28, 2004. Pick the one you like best...

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This is a lovely idea.

Here's a picture of my Willow who passed away September last year - I would love it if you could include her

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Sorry I haven't replied for ages guys, I have been pretty sick.

I am glad all of you are sending your pics in!

Although like Hissy said, its better you all PM them to me, as to stop clutter on the forum.

Keep them coming :-)
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i didn't read Hissy's post until after i had already posted Mouse's pix. but i'll be glad to PM them to you as well if you want. let me know.
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Shimmer, I do not have any pictures of my RB Stormy (she passed in '97), but I think your project sounds like a beautiful tribute .
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