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In need of reassuring.

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Hello Everyone,

I am new to this site and came across it while looking up info for my sick cat. Leia is a 6 year old black domestic cat. She is mostly a house cat, but the other night she got out while we weren't looking. She was only out for 3 hours, and when she got in I thought everything was fine.....till the next morning.

She had been sick early in the morning and she was acting very strange. I panicked and called a few vets. Got her in to see the one up the road and found that she had been bitten in her back leg. Looks like another cat had bitten her. I felt for my poor little girl, in all her years she has been sheltered and this is the first time she had to go through anything like this.

She is not what you may call a 'loving' cat. She is one of those that will tell you when she wants pats and I don't think she has ever lay on anyones lap.

Well she was given the antibiotic injection by the vet and I have the tablets to give her. But I am worried. She hasn't eaten and she doesn't seem to be drinking. I will put her food and drink in front of her and she will turn her head. She hardly even moves much, just lie in her little cat bed.

It has been 24 hours since I took her to the vet and I thought she would be at least wanting some food and drink by now. I was just wondering if this is normal for an injured cat. I was going to give the vet a call tomorrow if she hasn't improved any.

Thanks for any help or advice.

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First of all welcome to TCS......

second of all I am sorry that your kit had to go through that, and I am glad to see when you thought things were a little off you brought her to the vet.....

she may havejust had a rough day, or it may be a reaction to the shot....or she could possibly have an anycase you have the right train of thought....if things aren't right tommorow, get her back to the vet......

good luck, and please keep us updated.....
I hope everything works out
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Thank you so much. I will update tomorrow with what is happening with Leia. I just hope she comes round later on.

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You can - and should - forcefeed her water because she wont drink by herself. She must have water whatever you do.

Is she is overweight you must also forcefeed her some food. But this not necessary if she is normalweight. Liver of overweight cats is easily hurt by noneating more than 24 hours.
- make a watery=liquid mix of some catfood.

Use syringe of some sort (no needle) or eyedropper. Or a straw.
In the corner of the mouth, carefully, across the mouth, NOT down the neck.

Easiest if one holds, the other forcefeeds.

And tomorrow when you revisit the vet - you all will know if she is recovering or must have more perhaps different antibiotica.

good luck!
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Thanks Stefan. I will give that a go tonight. She is just about due for her second antibiotic tablet. I was happy to see as soon as my husband got home from work she seemed to brighten up a bit and got up and walked over to us for a pet.

I have a very thin straw like thing that should hold a little bit of water and that should so the trick.

She is of normal weight, but I did just try before giving her some biscuits. She ate about 5 of them, put she was graoning the whole time she did. I think she is just being a big sook with me at times though.

Better get off this computer and tend to this little woman.

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I'm sorry that you and your cat are going through this. Accidents happen, and our little stealths can sneak right on by us before we know it. Thinking of you both and hoping she finds a speedy recovery.
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Poor baby.
You are doing the right thing by taking her to the vet immediately.
As Stephan mention, you must get her to take water. She will eventually eat, but it is much more important for her to drink. Cats will dehydrate quickly especially if her body is fighting off an infection.
If she isnt at least taking water on her own, i would take her back to the vet.
Depending on the bite it might be venomous. She might be fighting off an infection or the venom of the bite. Any idea of what bit her? BUg, another cat?, some other wild animal?
Either way, if she isnt taking water please call your vet or just show back up.
Good luck and let us know how she is doing.
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How about getting her some wet food with a lot of gravy - that way even if she dosen't eat the meat - the gravy will act a liquid for her!
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She HAS had all her vaccinations, hasn't she? Sorry if this is a silly question.
Yes, something is not right and she needs to be seen again.
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I hope your cat will be okay. Prayers to you little kitty. Get well!!!!
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It's possible the antibiotics have made her nauseated; I know my Ozzie (normally a little pig!) turns his nose up at food when he's on them. But you should try to get her to drink something, even if you have to force-feed it to her, and I think this probably warrants another call to the vet. At the very least, expressing your concerns to the vet will help you to feel better!
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Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and ideas. Last night after I gave her the tablet she was up and about a little more and I was just thinking about how to force feed her the water when she went and had a drink by herself. A good long drink and I was over the moon, she even attempted a few biscuits

Middletown, I was wondering what on earth had bitten her for we just moved to this house about 2 months ago and I hadn't seen any cats around here. But on that night after we took her to the vet we saw a big white fluffy cat right outside our house. I assume he may have been the gulity party. Oh, I don't blame him too much, these things happen. All in nature.

Hell603, that is a brilliant idea. I had just left biscuits in her food bowl for she had vomitted and I wanted something dry in her tummy. But now that she is getting a bit better I will give her some food with a little gavy in it so she can at least lick at that.

Mirinae, I agree. I think now it is just the antibiotics that are making her a little off centre. It's getting harder and harder to give them to her (another sigh that she is getting better, though). I have four more days of doing it and I am NOT looking forward to it.

Sunnicat, Kathylou and Bugaboo1....thanks for your kind words. As you all know it is so hard with these little just wish they could talk and tell you what is going on.

So I am happy to say it looks as though my little Leia is on her way to recovery. Thanks again to everyone for making me feel better and not so much alone, it was hard being here by myself with her during the day. When my husband gets home she puts on a brave face for him, but I would be with her when she is all down on herself!! But all good now!!

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Kathlou....forgot to mention. Leia is all vaccinated up (thank goodness).

She is the easy one to get done, it is her little brother (who is 10 times bigger than her) that is the difficult one to take to the vet. His name is Brody, he is our dog. Leia bashes him up, but he loves her greatly!
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Glad to hear she's doing OK!! Is she eating better? Cats do not have the same reserve we - and other animals - have and need to keep eating. I am so sorry she went thru that but it sounds like she is on the up side now!
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