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Social Groomers?

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My older cat, Spike started grooming Sparky when he was just a baby. We used th think it was really precious and that they were bonding, but as Sparky has grown older, Spike will hold him down and groom him and Sparky will try and wiggle away. sometimes Sparky will sneak up on Spike and try to do the same (pin him down and groom him) there will be a struggle, and Spike usually winds up grooming Sparky... so i'm wondering.... is it a social thing? are they bonding? is it a dominance thing? is Spike asserting himself as the dominant cat? or are they just being crazy cats?
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All cats love to groom each other - But sometimes I think its a bit of a dominance thing as well - It gives the groomer dominance over the groomee as they will tend to sit on their target as they wash.

I wouldn't worry about it unless he is grooming so much bald spots are forming or the other cat is clearly in distress about whats happening.
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Usva used to do that to Milla when Milla was little. It was kind of cute, Milla looking really sour: "Stop that big sis, you're embarrasing me!". No harm done there. I agree with Jane.
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It's a dominance thing, but usually evidence of an affectionate dominance. I have seen the "groom-ee" go up to the "groom-er" and quite literally ask to be licked! So really, no one minds it too much, though I think one or the other might get a little annoyed sometimes.
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It's a common thing with my two

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Scooter and Pepper groom each other daily, then fall into a furry heap to nap. It is so cute.
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Same here with Toby and Tedy. Best Buds help one another out...don`t you think?
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I think it's lovely when my boys start to groom each other. So precious. Then they'll start to fight over who grooms who. Then they end up fighting and chasing each other away. Sigh, their sweet moments never last long enough.
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My boys just groom each other.. the older boys anyway. Nacho and Orin have been together since birth.. and are almost constantly together and grooming each other. Recently though.. sometimes one of them gets a bit rough, at that point I usually end it because Orion squeals.
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