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What type of interesting wild animals do you have by you?

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What wild animals that live by you do you find interesting? Well by me we mostly have squirrels,birds, raccoons and opossums. But by me there is a park with a small forest where some cool animals live! They cut down alot of the forest to make a soccer field, so alot of the animals had to move out or died, but here are 2 animals I have rescued.

The first is a red-back salamander I kept as a pet for a few months, then turned into a wildlife place around here. They either let them go into a safe area, or keep them for educational display, they care for them very well. So anyway here is the salamander, and the 2nd is a garter snake I just found today. We have so much rain right now and I found the snake in a deep pool of water it was drowning I think and very cold so I brought it home for today. Hopfully tommorow I will be able to bring it to that wildlife place so it can have a better life. I think its the offspring of the garter snakes one of my neigbors let get a few years ago after they captured them in the wild and released them here miles from there original home. But garter snakes live in this area anyway but are slowly dissapearing.

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We don't really have any wild animals around here. Just birds. There are no strays either.
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we have mostly gater snakes, as well as a brown one that looks sorta like a rattle snake without the rattle or the pattern.. uhh.. a few foxes, racoons, possums, skunks.. hmmm.. lots of stray kitties too =(
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We have red squirrels, red foxes, wolves, possumms, racoons, Bobcat (never seen them) and of course moose (see them alot) and black bears (they get into my garbage if I put it out a night)
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We have your every day suburban red squirrels, hawks, foxes and such. I also see adders and grass snakes quite often. I think they are fascinating creatures. I saw an eagle owl harassed by crows once, which was kind of spooky, since five minutes later my mother called to tell me my father had died (Eagle owl is a messenger form the Underworld at least in our folk tradition). There are also lynx, badgers and raccoon dogs living in the city borders, though I've never seen one. We don't really have a feral cat population, since abandoned cats don't usually survive the winter here.

If you venture a few miles outside the city borders, there are plenty of moose, white-tailed deer and some bears (our brown bears are a lot less aggressive than the American grizzly bears). Sometimes, very rarely, wolves come near here too. They are an endangered species here, I would love to have more of them.
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birds, squirrles, racoons, possoms, salamanders, garter snakes, on so on and so bears, and cougars
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Birds, tarantulas, bears, wolves, moose, cougar, coyote, raccoon, skunk, opossum, snakes (only one poisonous species, a rattler), elk, deer.
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Up here in the hills, let's just call it Coyote Central.

We do get red fox, and deer, moose, elk, all kinds of little critters, and cougars.
Eric opened the front door one sunny morning
- and this is what we had on our front lawn:

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I live in Toronto so the only wild animals I see are squirrels, pigeons and racoons...nothing I would really consider "wild"...
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Back in Ormond Beach my parents live across from Tomoka State Park so I was always seeing lots of interesting creatures. Here in Florida we have panthers (even though they're so few and far between now ), bear, armadillo, boar, a ridiculous number of snakes, lots of different lizards, alligator, deer, raccoon, opossum, a lot of different kinds of birds...beach and land (my favorite are pelicans and osprey)...hmmm...that's all I can think of this early in the morning. I love our wildlife here though.
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We always have black bears, in the road, in the yard. I stay inside after dark. We see many deer, coyote, foxes, and bobcats. Of course we have racoons and possums.
We have had lots of rain recently and we are seeing many rattlesnakes and copperhead snakes dead on the roads. Two years ago after Hurricane Isabel, I went out early to feed my cats. They are outside, confined by a chain link fence and special enclosure. My Max was up close to the house where the dryer vent is and he was in the attack mode. There was a huge rattlesnake curled up there warming himself because the dryer was on. I got Muffin and Speedboat on the porch and couldn't get Max because I was scared of being struck by the snake. My husband rushed out the door with the gun and shouted at Max. He ran then and I was able to get him. That snake was too close for comfort, but this community had been flooded by the tide water and the snakes were coming up to higher land.
It is interesting because we never know what we will see. Black cat like panthers have also been seen, but not by me.
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We have...
...Scary sealife

...and friendly sealife
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I have 3 deer that visit my yard occasionally.
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I always love seeing the North American wildlife here, although too often the only time you see something interesting is as roadkill. The other day DH took the cats into the apartment building hallway (nightly ritual to catch bugs) and there was a racoon just outside the glass doors looking in. Should've seen Pushy! His tail was fluffed up as big the coon's! Now that was some major excitement for everyone!
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You picked up a snake?!

We have coyotes here and there was a big cat sighting but I forgot what it was. I think I saw it cross the road once at night because it moved like a cat and it stopped to look at me and it's eyes were higher than a dog/domestic cat.

The coyotes got really close one night and I had a flash light looking at them, then I saw more flash light beams and screamed for the coyotes to run because I thought they were going to shoot at them. I haven't seen them around here since then, but it was pretty scary that they were so close.
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The only wild animals in my neighborhood are the teenagers blowing up mailboxes, my immediate neighbors who are bombed out on drugs (imagine a 60-something guy whacked out on coke on his riding lawnmower) and the frothy-mouthed dogs who run free (which is illegal or something in a "suburb".)....

No actually we have squirrels. The flying kind. That's all really.
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The only wild animals in my neighborhood are the teenagers blowing up mailboxes, my immediate neighbors who are bombed out on drugs (imagine a 60-something guy whacked out on coke on his riding lawnmower)
Yoiks! I'll think of that next time a see my unpleasant neighbours and curse them under my breath!
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The list of what we have around us is endless.
We live in the country in North Carolina, so there's something interesting everyday.

Today I decided to wash one of our cars that had been sitting in the carport for more than a month without being driven. Started it up and the exhaust was kind of smelly from sitting so long, so I let it idle awhile. I come back to find three tree frogs scampering along the wall at full speed exiting the carport...guess they didn't care much for that smell.
I don't blame them.
I pull the car out to our "wash bay" and as I'm going around to the front of the car I see 2 more tree frogs exiting the grill of the car.
Getting too hot under the hood I guess. I attempted to point out to them what the difference was between a car and a tree...being that they are tree frogs an' all.
I don't think they understood..they saw my mouth moving, but must have figured I was warming up to eat them. They bolted out of there.

Later on I went to move my truck back to it's designated spot...I'm driving around the back of our property to do this and 2 lizards coming tearing up the hood towards the windshield. Both of them stop when they see me, with that same "oh crud, now we've done it" look that our bengals get when we catch them doing something bad.
So I had to slow down and drive carefully so the lizards wouldn't fall off during the short journey.
Never a dull moment. Well ok......not an extremely dull moment.

Sorry, I digress....wild animals...not reptiles and amphibians. Let's see.....
Rabbit, Fox, Deer, Flying squirrels, Bear, etc.
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Well I have to ask if Crazy,wild and down right mean. soon to be father-in-law's count

If they do I have one near me
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Just your typical city wildlife here. There's a family of squirrels in our two big trees. they don't bother me, but I wish the one would quit laying on the branch over my car to shred his walnuts! I've always got peices of walnut on my car. DH and I saw a skunk walking along the street one night. No stray kitties, but my neighbor has two cats who live outside in summer and in the house in winter.

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Well, here down under we have possums (who knock on our back door for carrots!!), snakes, spiders, foxes, rabbits, feral cats, lots and lots of birds!
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We don't have many "interesting" critters about but we have a lot of cute bunnies and squirrels! I used to see Opposums, skunks, and racoons..but I haven't seen any of those in a long while....oh yeah, I did see a beaver not too long ago.

Here's a couple pics of the bunnies:

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I think I've seen a badger, we also have a swampy area w/ ducks nearby. There are the suburban/rural wild life too, deer, skunks, opussums, squirrells birdies. We have one feral cat that lives in the abandoned house down the road, (other neighboors feed it). The next door cat visits- she's really old, has no tail and a thryoid condition- but she is tough- my cats are scared to death of her!
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Hmm...I think we have mainly the regular north american wildlife (normal to me anyway!). I did get to see a Bald Egal very close up the other day! I was so excited! We were driving down a back road and had to slow down. It was eating something in the middle of the road! We were litterally 15-20 feet away before it flew off. My mother also saw one recently. That was about the highlight of my week!

We also had a big bird of some kind swoop down on us when we were stargazing. My stepbrother guessed it was an owl but I'm not was big-that is for sure! And I think there were 2 becaue I kept hearing calls in different directions.

What else...we have water mocasins here but I've never seen one, THANKFULLY! I think it was a bobcat we had near here once when I was in high school. That's all the 'unusual' stuff I know of.
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The most interesting wild animal that I saw here was a badger that tried to dig a hole in my front yard. I had 5 large dogs at the time and they circled him as he dug and he kept them all at bay. I called the dogs off and chased it away by clanging 2 pots together.

We have fox, coyotes, bobcats, deer, lots of birds of prey (owls, hawks, falcons) and your typical squirrels, racoons, possums. We've kept a list of birds that we've seen and the list is over 100 - my favorite is the coocoo bird. We had a mockingbird that used to imitate the sound of my greyhound whining.

We do have cougars in the area - never saw one but found a deer carcass at the back of our property that had been disembowled and licked clean - coyotes will scatter the bones and this wasn't the case. We assume that we have a cougar near by.
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Here are some pictures I took of a bear family a few years back:
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