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Kittens grow too fast!!!

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I can not believe how fast my babies are growing!! I was looking at my siggy, Kai and Tai have grown so much!!

I also want to announce that we are getting another Sphynx, we would love to have 6 total!! Here is also a picture of Sufi. We are hoping to be able to pick her up on Monday! That will make 5 for us!

Tai, she has her first CFA Cat Show November 5th! Go Tai !!!!!!! She is our little princess!

Here is Kai, he is almost as BIG as Caesar!

Here is Sufi, the new girl we are getting!
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What wonderful pics! Tai is so darling in that pose - so refined & so much character-appeal. I'm sure she'll be a real winner at the cat show! Kai is adorable, too! And Sufi, she's really unique, isn't she!
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Awww!! they are all so incredibly adorable!

I don't wanna know what mommas belly looks like from the babies nursing, the claws kneading her poor belly. -random-
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They are such unique looking cats!
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Oh I think they are just wonderful little characters!!!!! You have gotten quite a crew.

TAI ~ You are going to do wonderful at the cat show, afterall, how can the others compete with a princess?
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Seeing pictures of your babies always makes me smile. Congratulations on Sufi!! And if I were a judge at that show... I've give Tai first place!
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How wonderful that you will be getting a new baby on Monday! Sufi looks just darling!!
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Beautiful pictures, as always. Cannot wait to see more of Sufi .
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Awwww!! and one for the new baby Congratulations!
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I just love the look of these guys! So unique! I have the urge to run my finger over Tai's wrinkled brow.
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Good luck to Tai in the show ring! She is indeed a gorgeous little girl. And congrats on adding another sweet baby to your ever growing Sphynx family.

How does Monte feel about all this?
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Thank you for all the kind words about my gang.. Monte is doing great, he is still the "head cat" and keeps all the little ones in check! Monte is still a kitten himself, he will be 1 year old on Oct. 25th!

All the little ones like to sleep on him and cuddle with him. Here is a picture of Monte and Caesar.
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Tai is beautiful - she is a very elegant lady, isn't she?
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YAY!!! I always look forward to new threads and pictures from you!!! I'm a HUGE fan of your fur(less) family!!!

BEAUTIFUL! I want to get one so bad!!!
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Yay!!! Another baby!!!
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Hey! After Monday you are going to need a NEW SIGGY!!!! :-)
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Too cute!
I bet Tai will be happy to have another girl around when Sufi comes home!
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