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colby dar-ling

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so, what is the best thriller type novel you've read by J.Patterson, or, anyone i for that matter,
i havent really read any of those types of books, but i need a break from my ususal reading preference.

i noticed he had a new one out, 1st to Die? looks good have you read that one yet?

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I'll go home tonight and find a few things for you. Don't go out and buy anything, I have so many books laying around. I'll pick out something good for you I won't be able to mail it til monday though...is that ok?

I James Patterson & I'm now excited to find something good for you to read!

Mary Anne likes him as well, and I know we have some other members who are fans. Those who do read him, what was your favorite book?
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Yes...a review..I've never read anything by J. Patterson. I'm currently reading the newest Dean Koontz book, but I'd like a change as well

What do you usually read, blue?
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I am not a big thriller fan. I love fantasy and sci-fi & that is what I normal write as well (nothing published yet).
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Colby... you are so sweet, but it's no problem for me to go out and pick up a few books silly

you've done so much for me.

Melissa... some of my favourite authors are:

Chuck Palahniuk (authour of Fight Club, Survivor, etc)
Gabriel Garcia Marquez (100 years of Solitude, Love in a time of Cholera),
Paul Auster, Dave Eggers (A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius),
Willy Lamb (She's come Undone, of course), Jeanette Winterson, Maya Angelou,
John Irving, Paulo Coehlo, Charles Bukowski, Joyce Carol Oates, Erica Jong,
Tom Robbins, Raymond Carver...

and i'm about to venture into the world of Kurt Vonnegut

anyway, now i'm rambling...

there are too many to list, i love to read
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Hey, it's no problem. I have tons of books, just taking up space. Plus I like to share, especially books that I really enjoyed. I would love to make you a little care package.
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Brave New World is very interesting. It took a couple of chapters for me to get into it though.
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Stephen King's latest Black House. I have been unable to get past page 71, and I have been at it for months. Hey Colby? you want me to send it to you, just say the word!

Blue, right now I am reading Jeffrey Deaver's The Blue NoWhere. It is really good, kind of on your edge of the seat reading, the kind I like. You should check out John D. McDonald. He has passed away but his books live on, and I bet you would love them. Travis McGee is one of his colorful characters, lives on a houseboat and finds himself in all kinds of predicaments. You can find his books at Half.com if you are interested.
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gee... can i find a credit card at Half.com too ?!?!

i'll look in the used book store in town when i get back, they have *everything*
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Wow, Hissy ~ all the way to page 71?? I made it to page 2! That's it! I'm bound and determined to read the whole book, though... if it takes me years...

I guess I really can't get into James Patterson... I do have most of his books though. (And I've read the ones I have. )

Has anyone here read any of Elizabeth Berg's books? Amazing. (and they're not the kind I'd normally read.)

I loved Wally Lamb's "She's come undone", blue! But I haven't read any more of his books, YET.
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Brave New World ... hmmm... isnt that a Huxley novel ? :confused3

i havent read that one.
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also, colby, i'm not on AIM because i'm in Victoria visiting and just taking the chance to get away awhile.

i cant install it on this computer but i'll see if i can reinstall it on mine when i get home.
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Silly me! I don't know why I got so confused. I meant Slaughterhouse 5 is very interesting but hard to get into at first.
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My mom was head librarian when I was growing up. She used to tell her patrons that Kurt Vonnegut's books were scrambled eggs for your brains. I guess she didn't "get him"
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Like Patricia Cornwell? I love her. Also, Dean Koontz(sp?) INTENSITY - was insane and believable.....
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Hissy...I haven't read the new one by Stephen King...but I am having a horrible time getting to the middle of his "Dream Weaver" book....I was hoping the next one would be easier to get into, but I guess not, huh. Is he slipping or what?
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Anyone else out there like sci-fi/fantasy?
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Adrienne- I loved the Dark Elf Trilogy by R.L. Stein ( I think thats who wrote them?) Ever read those? The main character was Drizzt the Elf...If I could find copies of those books to own, I'd be a happy camper..
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One more thing....Blue, Colby, Melissa, Hissy or anyone....can you recommend me one really good book, that is a thriller type...I love thrillers, and anything with a twist that I'm not expecting, that is really hard to put down...I mean a really good read?? I just can't get into this Stephen King book, and that is sad, because I love him, and have read all his books.

I will be going to Des Moines on Tuesday for my amnio, so I could have hubby swing by the mall after, (if I'm feeling okay) so I could go to Waldenbooks there and pick up a few of the books you suggest. Maybe if you each pick one that you particularly like, I could narrow it down to buying three or four, that would last me awhile, I rarely get to Des Moines, and we don't have much of a bookstore in the small town I live nearby.

When I was younger, I loved books by V.C. Andrews....Audrey Rose, Flowers in the Attic, etc....but when she died, and someone else took over writing her books, under her name, it just wasn't the same. I don't even read them anymore...they are too predictable, which is exactly what her writing wasn't.
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Debby- False Memory by Dean Koontz was incredible..the ending was an unbelievable twist! I loved it If you want to be scared out of your wits read Winter Moon by Koontz..its an older one, but it is SOOOO sacry!
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Originally posted by Melissa
Adrienne- I loved the Dark Elf Trilogy by R.L. Stein ( I think thats who wrote them?) Ever read those? The main character was Drizzt the Elf...If I could find copies of those books to own, I'd be a happy camper..
I think I read them - if so it has a long time ago. I read about 3 books a wk minimum (I am on the bus at least 2 hrs every work day). I'll definately check them out though.
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Thanks Melissa...I will write those down. Anyone else?
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Debby, another Dean Koontz suggestion: Dark Rivers of the Heart. I could NOT put that book down!
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I was really glad to read that I was not the only one who couldn't read this new King and Struab book! And Debby, yes, I think he is just tired, he is getting out of the writing books business by the end of next year. One more Dark Tower in the works and one more thriller and he is throwing down his pen. Of course, I am sure that he has plenty of short stories he wrote in college (his best writing days imo) to shore out and keep him comfortable. My guess is he will go and write under a misnomer like he did the Bachman series, to get out of the pressure of being King. I love his early books, have all his books in hard back, a few are autographed and I have a college paper of his I bought at an auction! But his books of late, I can't seem to get into at all.

Debby I would highly recommend Insomnia by Dean Koontz, if you haven't read it, I doubt you will be able to put it down. It was really great!
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DEAN KOONTZ INTENSITY..... but you probably won't sleep much
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Thanks guys...I wrote all of those down!!! I now have 5 books by Dean Koontz on my list...I will narrow it down to two or three to start with, by reading the backs of the books...I can't wait! I have never read anything by him!
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That was the name of the book Debby Intensity, not insomnia, though reading it made it hard to put down and I read late into the night. Thanks Jin for correcting me. Guess my brain is fried from studying.
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Oh! You're in for a treat then!! He is one of my favorite authors..his stories are very fantastical and imaginative. Once you start reading one, you just can't put it down
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Originally posted by hissy
That was the name of the book Debby Intensity, not insomnia, though reading it made it hard to put down and I read late into the night. Thanks Jin for correcting me. Guess my brain is fried from studying.
Okay...now I just have 4 books by him to choose from... I would have been looking a long time for that one... :LOL: Thanks for all the good recommendations! Sounds like I will really like this guy!!
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Intensity was amazing!
Last summer I took it when we went camping, I started it the first day there, and finished it about 2 hours after we got back! Could NOT put that book down! Not the best book to be reading while you're a passenger coming back from the woods! :LOL:

I just finished Koontz's Whispers, also very good, although I did have it figured out before the end, it was still cool to see how it all came together.
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