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Badi Assad!

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I love listening to music with my two tabbies. Does anyone here know of Badi Assad? She is an excellent and innovative guitarist/singer from Brazil. I just got a copy of her newest album, "Verde", from my friend at Universal, and I must say that I am quite impressed! While is hard to categorize her music, I'd say it is a very modern mix of latin jazz, bossa nova, and classical guitar. She shows her versatility by covering a song by Bjork and even U2 on the album. If you don't know of her, listen to a couple samples at www.badiassad.com (click on "new" at the top). I hope to find others who enjoy Badi as much as my cats and I.

What do you think?
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never heard of it.
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Not my style. Hell of a hairdo!
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I liked it.
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Interesting. Thanks for the intro to a totally new kind of music! I esp. liked the Greenpeace album.
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