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Prayers Please!! Here we go again!!!!!

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.....why does this stuff always happen at night!!!!!!

So....I know I have told you this before...but I will give you the run down.....

Emmet almost dies last November, due to crystals in his bladder......The first symptom was him dragging his butt on the floor, and frequent bathroom visits.....The last time we were completly ignorant to what these symptoms could be and let it go till it was almost too late.....It was a grueling, emotional and horrible 3 weeks for all of us....but he made it through and he hasn't had a problem since......

But I was just sitting in the kitchen, while John did the dishes, and I noticed Emmet went into two different litter boxes in the course of 5 minutes, and then after the second time, he dragged his butt over the carper in the living room...

Now I dont know if this means what i think it means.....but I am calling the vet first thing tommorow, and am gonna try to get him in....or more so insist that they see him...........

I am scared to death....hopefully we are catching it early, or maybe its omething less detrimental, but again I am taking noooo chances...........

He's eating, and he is peeing, and hes active...which is a good sign........

Could you guys send a few prayers our way...My Emmet is the feline love of my life, and I hate to see him go through the pains and proceedures of last November........Thanx
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Prayers you way for your baby. Please let us know what the vet says.
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Of course we'll give prayers for your Emmet. I hope that he is still acting ok means that you're catching it in time. We've had problems with Much and UTIs for years (she's 12 and has 1-2 episodes a year) and the vet has said that she just seems prone to them. We're now to the point if she comes bolting out of the litter box, we call the vet. Our biggest frustration with her is that she can't take oral antibotics (sensitive stomach - upchucks it in about 15 minutes). So we have to spend extra $ for the injectable kind.

I pray that Emmet gets better quickly and that it isn't serious. Keep us informed of your vet visit.
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I am sooo sorry. I know exactly how you feel. Last year was an incredibly emotionally draining year for me with Penelope getting Pyothorax (an often fatal disease which required medication and monitoring for months) and then, shortly after, showing symptoms of asthma which she was eventually diagnosed with. The result is that I am now SUPER vigilant about any sign of something being wrong with my cats' health. So, I can imagine the panic and distress you are feeling right now.

Please know that I will be sending up lots of prayers for Emmet.
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Thank you sooo much all of you for the prayers and support......

I will definitly let you know how its going after I contact the vet tommorow......

Hes on dissiloution formula...so this is very distressing.....I hope he hasnt become "immune" to it or something.....I dont know.......

yeah hes acting like his normal self right now....sleeping on the toilet seat...and everything seems fine except that damn butt drag..........

Thanx again....I'll give you guys an update when I know something

P.S. snowleap..your molly and penelope always remind me of my Mabby and Doofus
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Great job, Bridget, noticing his early symptoms! Please get well soon, precious Emmet!to you both tonight!
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Thanx Stephane......
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Sending mega good vibes Emmet's way. It's good that your right on top of it this time.
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Thanx Diane.....
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I will add your precious Emmet to my prayers.
Please update after his vet visit.
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I'm hoping it is a false alarm, but think you are doing the right thing by taking him in!

Good Luck!
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Sending "be nothing serious" vibes Emmett's way!
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Thanx Lei, Eatrawfish and Pat&alix......I super apprciate the prayers and good vibes.......

He ate real well tonight, and I just gave him the wet dissolution instead of mixing in some dry like i usually do.........
Again he seems fine....but he did visit the "little boys room" 2 more times, thats 5 times in just a few hours....so I think I have my confermation that somethings up...........

I'm glad John and I were able to pick out the early symptoms this time....its just morning couldn't come quick enough

Thanx again all of you.....
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You and Emmett are in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted.
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(((vibes for Emmett))) and for Bridget
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Tanx dazee and sphynx......
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Sending Lots Of Love To You And Your Baby. I'm So Sorry You Are Going Through This. I Know How You Feel About The Love Of Your Life. I Have 3 And They Are My Childern. I Would Do Anything Anytime For Any One Of Them. Keep Your Spirits Up!!! Love Is There For The Both Of You.
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Hoping that you caught the symptoms early enough to avoid anything serious. Feel better soon!
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GET WELL SOON EMMET! You are in my prayers....waiting to hear what the vet has to say!
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Personally I'm hoping it's impacted anal glands.. that's also a butt dragging thingie.. :/ Either way, I hope Emmett feels better soon, and that It's not crystals again :/
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Thanx guys.....he has an appoitment at 4:30....I will let you guys know how it goes......

Thanx for the support, and prayers
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Prayers to you Emmett. Get well quick.
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We are heading to the vet now....I will let you guys know how it went when we get back......

thanx again
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Prayers and vibes for Emmett that it is something easy to cure!
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We will be waiting for the news. Good luck.
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well we're back...........

Well they checked out Emmet and everything not having to do with his bladder is healthy....hes a bit overweight, but nothing that can't be tackled......

As for his bladder......she gave him an ultrasound and said his bladder was moderate sized...(which doesnt surprise me, because of how much it was stretched last year).....she took a sample of urine....and is at this moment doing a urinalysis to check for crystals and such.........

We caught it early she said...so if crystals are found she has a much better chance of treating them, before it turns into a medical emergency....Yaaaaaaay..........

On another point that isnt really important...but i thought I would bring it up....this whole thing today cost us a mere 116$, rather than the 1000$ it cost us last year, because of our ignorance of the situation....thats almost a 90% price decrease.....maybe this story will be a lesson for those out their who are cost effective when it comes to their cats health........

Emmets a little peeved right now......expected.....hes under the bed, but in the long run he'll be glad it happened this way......

I will let you guys know what she says about the urinalysis....she is supposed to call later today.....and I will let you guys know where we are going from there........

Thanx again...from the bottom of my ....I don't know what emmet and I would do without you guys.....
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I'm hoping for good news on the urinalysis
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I just spotted this thread....good news for you and Emmet!
That's great.
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Originally Posted by Nebula11

Emmets a little peeved right now......expected.....hes under the bed, but in the long run he'll be glad it happened this way......
Much knows exactly how Emmet feels. She's had times where she spent the whole day at the vet to give a sample and then they had to take one with a needle.

I'm glad he's doing so well. You are so right on getting these guys in early because they can become seriously ill so quickly. I'm also a big fan of taking them in at a minimum of yearly checks. Much goes twice a year just so we can check her urine. We found the latest UTI through the test.

Look forward to hearing about the final results.
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ok so i heard from the Vet tonight....not the regular vet, but one on duty......

ok here it is..............

Well his urine culture is negative...so no bacteria, infection...so no UTI...........

in the next paragraph there will be lots of numbers...that i quite don't understand...and am hoping someone could give me a better explination id possible.......

Ok..his Ph balance is 7.3...normal is 6.5...she said this is high, but not extreamly high............

They did find tons of crystals, but his concentration is 10.45...normal in a 4 year old cat is 10.60, so she said the IVD wet is helping, getting him to drink more water and such, resulting in him peeing more and flushing out his bladder....

She told me though the IVD wet is doing its job, the nutro dry isnt helping, and though it is a great diet it may be negating the IVD.....so tommorow we are going there and picking up a bag of Hills S/D dry...which i know Emmet will eat, cause he had it last year.......After a bag of that we are supposed to put him on a constant diet of Royal Canine S/O...(no clue what S/O means as of yet).

So he is to stay on his diet of IVD, and just add the RC S/O as his dry food..he needs to go in for his rabies shot before the 22nd of November so i guess they will be checking it again then.....

Just wanted to let you know..that he does have lots of crystals, but as of now he is flushing them out...hopefully this new diet takes care of that......

anyone with more experience with these numbers or this situation, I would love to hear from you.......

If not thanx again for everything.....
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