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This is probably old news to all the long time cat owners here but, being a new feline Mom, I am so excited I found something that actually works to stop those little play aggression biting attacks, or anything else you don't want kitty doing! ORANGES! I heard that cats don't like the citrus smell and have been looking all over for a spray to try out. The other day I was eating an orange and noticed that after the initial sniff at my food, there wasn't any further begging, not even a squeak. Then today it was the same, I was having another delicious orange and was allowed to eat it in peace. So, I put peices of the rind on the arms of the couch (it's old so I can do this) where he usually tries to scratch and he's stayed away. Then we were playing with a fishing pole toy and he decided he'd rather bite my hands so I grabbed a piece of the rind and held it in front of his face and he stopped! I apologize for my overreaction to such a simple thing but if it can help another newbie out, it's worth it. If anyone knows where I can get a citrus spray, I'd really appreciate the tip--oranges aren't this good all year round!
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Glad that you found something that works. Oranges don't work for me as my cats like to eat them. I use to use a spray bottle with luke warm water in it and after a few squirts, all I had to do was pick up the bottle and they'd stop. As for using a citrus spray, I'd be careful because if it got in their eye, it could cause problems. Try the water bottle and see if that helps.

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You can get cirtus spray in the automotive department of Wal Mart. You can spray it directly on your couch or rug, but don't spray the cat!

My Maggie acts the same way with bananas! One whif of banana and she runs as if I'm trying to kill her!
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Thanks for the suggestions--I didn't mean to sound like I was going to spray the cat--that would definitely sting the eyes. The spray is to stop him from scratching the couch. I might try the spray bottle too but Fitz is a water baby so I'll keep a few orange rinds in the fridge for close encounters - while oranges are still in season. Thanks again!
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I know at Wal-mart you can get an orange cleaner and you can also get a citrus air freshener spray. I have used the spray with the x mas tree and such with sucess. The cleaner I really like, it smells wonderful!!
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Occasionally, Snowball will try to sharpen his claws on a certain chair. When that happens, I spray some citrus scented air freshner on a couple of paper towels and place them under the chair. Works every time!
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My cat likes to eat them, too! One of the rare fruits that he enjoys.
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My Ocicat eats the tiny oranges you get in the can! So that would not work for him. However, using Bitter Apple Spray stops him from chewing on things.
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My cat is just not normal. Fruit is food and food is consumed on the spot.
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