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Stormie's Story

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I was taking an optional summer phys ed class when one day I got sick. It was a half an hour drive to get to school and I had to at least try to go or else I would lose my credit's for that Class. My mother drove me over there and we had to stop on several occassions because I was getting sick. When we finally got to Muncie we drove around the block trying to find my teacher to tell him I had tried to come but I couldn't stay. It was lucky for one little kitten we did. As we circled the block I was still getting sick and had the door open leaving out, so Mom was driving slow. All of a sudden something gray ran in front of us and Mom stopped, we barely missed it. It was a tiny light gray kitten that didn't look old enough to be weaned. Now, bear in mind I'm hanging out the door getting sick when my mother says "Oh Audrey Go get it! It's gonna get ran over." So I got out of the car and managed to catch this kitten, who proceeded to bite me and draw blood. when I got back to the car I told mom "We're naming her Stormie" and that is how we aquired our 3rd cat. Now we have had her for almost 5 months, and it was really touch and go when we got her. clearly no one took care of her, she had fleas so bad her gums were white from lack of blood. For the first 2 days she barely moved at all, peeing and everything right where she lay. After the 3rd day though she started perking up, but only to run away from us. Now four month's later she is the same way, and she is scratching herself until she bleeds. I catch her and pet her for alt least an hour each day to make sure she get's attention, but nothing helps. She always hides, and if she is out and sees you looking at her she runs. She plays well with the other cats, but people that come here never know we have 3 cat's instead of 2. Any advice on how to get her to liven up?
It will be Greatly Appreciated
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I would also like to add on top of everything else she went through in the house we used to live in there was a fireplace that had been converted to gas. Where the pipes ran through there was a hole about 6-7 inched across. Well, Stormie ran in there one day hiding from Trigger when they were playing and bc she was so small she fell down the hole. It was about a 10-12 foot drop down on a concrete floor and when I realized what had happened I started to freak out. I ran to the basement and looked for an opening to get her out but the entire thing had been bricked closed. My mother wasn't home so I called her and she told me to call the Animal Shelter. I did and a very nice man in his 30's came out and helped me try to figure out a way to rescue her. Through the little hole you can see her laying down there and she isn't moving so I'm panicking, but the man that came was nice and dealt with me, then called for his assistant to come help figure something out. When the younger man got there he took a long piece of rope and layed down in the fireplace and tried to flip a noose over her head. The first man let him keep trying but told him it was near impossible to get her that way so he called one of the park Rangers from nearby. The young man was persistent though and just about the same time the Park ranger got there the young man suceeded in getting the noose over Stormie's head. He pulled her up as quick as he could to prevent further damaged to her. When he got her back through the hole he handed her to the park ranger who looked her over, then the older guy from the animal shelter. Finally they gave her to me and amazingly after that far of a fall she had no serious injuries. She was stunned a little bit but an hour later she wasn't even limping. After that I have never even been able to consider parting with her.
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In order to help have to take it slow and work on her terms. There are suggestions in the post above regarding how to make things a bit easier.....but the general rule is...let her dictate how things go. Thanks for caring for this little one (and don't forget to set up her spay appt.).

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I try to let her set the pace, but if I don't incorage it she never comes around. I gave her a month and saw her maybe twice bc she went nocturnal. once I catch her now she stays with me and is laying in my lap right now purring while I type. After bit though when either she get's bored and leaves or I put her down so I can leave I will have to try to get her out from under my bed again. She act's like she enjoys being around me after I catch her and hold her for a minute, but before that she is more of a ghost than a pet.
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Also would anyone happen to know of the best way to clean out her ears? normally one of my house cat's (Trinity) cleans Trigger and Stormies ears, but it looks like she is slacking and I don't wanna hurt her.
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Sometimes you just have to let a cat be themselves. Maybe she will never be a lovebug, but she is a good kitty. My semi-feral Jill made two distinct improvements. One when I got feliway-it really calmed her down. The secong was when I started giving her table scraps. That girl loved Kentucky Fried Chicken!

Also, from the time I got her, she was on scheduled feedings which had to be eaten near me. It gradually went from 5 ft away to on my lap. She only got fed if she ate from a bowl on my lap. In this way, I hoped to teach her that good things come from humans. (She was also fed this way occasionally by other family members.) After that was comfortable for her, I went back to free feeding for everyone (mainly because Garfield was so whiney!) But it did help her a lot.

Maybe Stormie will never be a social butterfly. But if she loves you, and is happy at home, she is just fine!
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Just an update on Stormie, She is laying beside me in the chair purring right now, but yesterday she took a weird spell and scratched the hell out of me again. Her neck still hasn't healed, (there are posts all over about her scratching herself til she bleeds, that started before I found this website and started posting) and she dug it open again yesterday and got blood all over my bed. I'm still working with her and being in a smaller appartment is helping bc she has to intereact with us more. She now sleeps in bed with me most nights, lol She twitches in her sleep, is that normal?lol
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Hi! Good job rescuing and caring for Stormie. I was holding my breath reading about her falling down the hole, I am glad she is ok.
Yes, many cats twitch in their sleep. I had one that looked like he was laying on his side running. We called ith "chasing moon rabbits."
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New Breakthrough with Stormie!!!! Today she actually came out of hiding to play with me and the other cat's !!!! I have a toy laser light and she spent about an hour chasing it around with the other cats. Plus the place on her neck is SOOOOOOOO close to being healed up. So close. there are only a few little scratch marks now, and the other sores are all healed and the hair is growing back!!!! My baby will be beautiful again!!!! I'm so happy!!!

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How wonderful! That is SUCH great news! It's wonderful that you have been so patient with this little one. I'm glad that she has begun to realize you are a friend. I do hope you have blocked off that fireplace (How Scary!).
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lol I don't even live in that house anymore. My mother and I got evicted and had to move, now we live in a tiny apartment but there are definatly no fireplaces for Stormie here!!! Right now she is on my lap purring again, lol. I'm soo happy. Mom doesn't know what to say bc it was only a few days ago she had her fit and scratched me again. Mom can't even look at her when she is walking by and not have her run away. lol.
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One time we moved overseas and took two cats with us. There was a long plane delay, and when we arrived our hotel reservations had been cancelled and we had to sleep on the floor of one of our friends. During the night one of the cats got into a hole in their wall and I thought we would never get her out. Well, we finally did, but now whenever I move I check for holes before the cats get out of their carrier.

Your kitten sounds like she was pretty sick when you found her. I'm glad she's healing. You have taken her to the vet, haven't you?
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no, we don't have the money. I rely on my aunt who had some training as a vet assistant. I really couldn't afford to take her
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I watched my grandmother before me and now me rescue ferals and sometimes it is more caring than "taming". I avctually don;t think every cat wants to be tamed and some ferals live pretty good lives in their colonies - and if you watch the colonies, they have their own norms and mores and societal structure. Vet care is essential - as is spaying and neutering - and providing warm places where they can sleep , esp where I live where it has gone down to -40 (which is when it is the same whether F or C) and can easily be -20C in the winter.

I sometimes think I have seen almost every kind of cat and reaction and then someone tells me of a new one or we see something new. But there are cats who will enjoy being an indoor cat who just like to be loners (and contrary to popular belief, cats aer VERY social - just watch a colony!) - and the loners tend to like the other cats or at least tolerate them but they will barely tolerate the humans, only for food and treats, lol

You need to let your kitty come to you on her terms. And you will have to get her to a vet! There are some excellent vet assistants (I have a cousin who is great at her job as a vet assistant - and she has a Masters degree in Nursing - but she still ensures her 5 cats see a vet when needed! Denying vet care is against the law in many jurisdictions - not to scare you, just to let you know you do need to have a vet see your kitty. If there is not a low cost clinic where you live, perhaps you can set up a payment plan. It really is not fair to take in an animal if you cannot afford vet care.
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Stormie is doing Fine and right now she doesn't need to see a vet. That is That. She is healing wonderfully and is not being mistreated, she has finally started coming around and she sleeps in my bed on my electric blanket. As far as Spaying goes, she is a house cat and since I don't have the money for all 3 the male is my main proirity. I mean this in the nicest way possible, but jeez She is healing, my aunt has taken care of it. My aunt has taken care of all my animals to date as far as shot's or anything. I will rely on her now as well. We didn't want Stormie, We just ended up with her. The day she fell down the Fireplace I had already planned to take her to the shelter, but I couldn't let her go after that. Now, I will get her spayed in time, but money is a problem, and unless you would like to foot the bill I would kindly like to ask you all to give it a break. I know how important it is, and I love my animals, which is why I joined here, for advice on helping them, mainly stormie. Now she is getting better and I absolutly cannot afford a vet bill. I am a 16 year old kid without a job!!! if you could keep that in mind I would appreciate it bc then wou might realize how hard it is for a kid to get enough money to pay for vet bills, I already save my lunch money for their food and litter thank you very much!
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Good on you for looking after Stormie.

Better that you do your best than do nothing at all. I'm sure in time when you are able to you will get Stormie spayed, adn until then you will make sure she stays inside to keep her away from those horny boys!

Just give her lots of love and attention, and plenty of kisses and cuddles! Including some from me!
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Thank you very much for your support. and I will be sure to give her a hug and kiss from you, lol
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I understand when money is an issue. Do the best you can for the cat with the resources you have. I am sure the cat will have a better life with you than it would have left to fend for itself. I wish you the best with it.
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thanx to you too. I've always thought she would've been better off with me, but it's nice to hear that instead of "Denying vet care is against the law in many jurisdictions - not to scare you, just to let you know you do need to have a vet see your kitty." if there was a better choice as far as what I can do for her I would try that, but there are limited options. At least here She isn't going to get ran over or starved. Plus she has a warm place to sleep and lot's of attention. I really do love her and i want the best for her, but it is hard when I have 3.
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I totally agree - Unfortunately sometimes people get a bit carried away and forget that others may not be as fortunate as them or have the means. Stormie was thrust upon you and you are doing the best you can in the situation.

And scaring a 16 year old girl with the fact that you may be doing something against the law is just plain not nice - Chances of you EVER being charged with not providing vet care is EXTREMELY small, especially if the cat is well. You would never be charged for not spaying your cat. The law is there for people who are neglecting their animals, not for those who don't have the means to always pay for vet care.

Keep up the good work Audrey! Can't wait to hear more about Stormie!
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Thank you very much for your reasurances Jane I appreciate it alot. And as for an update on Stormie, Today I went to bed and she jumped up in bed with me then snuggled her nose into my armpit, lol I'm suprised she didn't pass out. but she just laid there and purred for ages. And her neck is so much better I left the bandage off today. her hair is starting to grow back
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Excellent!! Thats fantastic - Sounds like she is going to be a wonderful loving cat! Its nice when they just want to snuggle isn't it!!
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Oh it's awesome! Trinity is sitting next to me now trying to eat my chocolate pudding. lol Stormie is still on my bed, lol. she is soooooo cute
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Stormie is still doing wonderful!!! yesterday my mother walked out and left the door open. like wide open. Trinity and Trigger ran outside and then Mom noticed what happened She ran outside and started making a fool of herself Yelling for them all and got the nieghbors yelling at her. Trigger and Trinity have both been raised completly indoors with the exception of Trin's first 6 weeks. Mom couldn't find them and when I realized what happened none of them wanted to see, they actually ran!! Stormie has the most outdoor expeireince and she stayed inside, lol. the other two were hiding in the bushes, but wouldn't be caught. I opened the door again though and they ran straight back in. Halloween scared them, lol.
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