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Sable is a kitten, and maybe its nornal for her to do it, but its not really that nice. Sometimes during the day she will run around crazily, scratch all the furniture, intentionally knock all the cord out of the powerpoints by pulling the cords - while thy're on! and whenever I go to give her a pat she will attack me and bite me. I know the running around may be normal for cats, but how can I show her gently that biting her meowmie is wrong?
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Originally Posted by shimmer
but how can I show her gently that biting her meowmie is wrong?
Say NO with decided voice. To growl and hiss in cat-language is also very forceful.

And dont cuddle with her with hands when she is in this wild state!
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When my cat's would start this I would hiss at them and gently flick them on the nose. After a While I have them now where I can look at them and say no then snap my fingers and they quit. It just takes time and patience.
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I use the lower voiced, "I mean business" NO myself with my cats and it works very well at nipping problems in the bud. Ive never been one to flick a nose or spank or anything like that myself...the decided no the other person mentioned worked for me when establishing how things are supposed to be in my house with my Pooh, Callie, and Simon.
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It is tricky to train a solitary kitten to play appropriately. Normally they would play with their siblings and learn bite inhibition from each other.

Instead, it's your job now.

Kittens are crazy creatures so it's best to just kitten proof the house and ride out the curtain climbing phase. It doesn't last more than a couple of months.

As for biting, never, ever let her play with your hands or feet. She needs to learn that they are not for biting. If she does bite, say "no!" and leave. Reward appropriate behavior by playing with a toy with her, but ignore her if she bites or scratches you.
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