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Bottle Fed babies needing a home

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I just adopted two little orange kittens that came from a litter of four that we rescued from my warehouse at work. There are two more that need loving homes and we really hate to send them to a shelter since they are spoiled from being bottle fed. Anyone in the Central California area wanting to adopt one of these kittens can feel free to contact me. They turned 8 weeks on Monday. One is mostly white with orange tiger striped spots and a striped tail and the other is orange, white and grey tabby spotted sort of like a calico. Both are very sweet little girls. They are in the Modesto area.
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I would post at petfinder as well:


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Is there anyway that you can post pics? you might try contacting the foster groups in the Bay area & see what they suggest - I know that our shelter some times sends extra pets to Marin County because apparently the spay/neuter programs have been very successful there, enabling more homes for more pets, and as a result, the PTS numbers have dropped by 91% here, from before the ICARE program started. Maybe they have a waiting list for kittens over there; they do such a good job of screening owners & have adoption counselors (when my sister was in Orange County she had to go through pet-adoption counseling to adopt her pets, & says it's a great idea, really helped her in selecting an appropriate dog) so the kittens will have a good chance. Please keep us posted!
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If you can....how about posting pics on here too...of all 4...so we can see these babies...they sound adorable. Good luck finding homes for the other 2 !
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We had posted some flyers at PetSmart and they were adopted together by two sisters yesterday.
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That is just wonderful! Yay!
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