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I don't know how many times the cats get locked inside the garage.
They run inside being nosey and dont seem to hear the door being closed. They run out in the morning when it's opened.

Dont beat yourself up over it, it happens all the time. It was only 5 hours.
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I wouldn't beat yourself up too much!

WhenI was really little (toddler) our cat Tinsel would always try to sneak out of the apartment Mom and I had. Twice she got her tail caught in the door! Fortunately I don't remember the actual incidents, but let me just say poor Tinny had a shorter tail. Poor Tinsel.

One time she saved my mom and I though. Mom fell asleep while making chicken for chicken soup. It was all smoky in the house and Tinsel bothered Mom till she got up. I ironically had my throw rug against the door holding up some toys or something so no smoke got in my room. Our little hero!
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Aww, poor Baby Harley...it's happened to the best of us, though. Stealthy little kitties are bound to find themselves in predicaments like these!
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Awww,poor baby!
Spyder had a spell where he used to shut himself in the bathroom by trying to pull off the towel that was hanging on the back of the door...I kept trying to figure out who was shutting him in there..and he was doing it himself!
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I accidentally locked Gordito up in the back hall for 3 hours.. theres nothing in there really.. just some junky stuff.. he must have slipped in right behind me when I went to leave.. I am surprised he didn't run right out the door to get outside.
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Oh poor little guy....but you know, he probably curled up and slept in the peaceful dark for hours anyway!!
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dun worry happens at least once a day to someone around here...
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aaaaw poor little Harley! Though the chances are, he didn't know much because I suspect he slept in there He was just laying a guilt trip on you - and it worked didn't it? He got chicken!
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I know it happens all the time, but I still felt really bad!! I think he got over it pretty quickly!
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