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Cat Adoption agencies

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I'm at my wits end about the adoption agency I got both my cats through.
I had been looking for a bengal from a rescue for AGES. Because I wanted the breed so badly I was happy to wait almost a year until a bengal kitten came up. I emailed about a litter of SBT boys, got a response, sent in my application, never heard back. Months later, I had all but given up on a bengal and saw a petfinder posting for an adorable siam mix, so I applied. It turned out to be from the same agency, and they remembered my application and that I was looking for a bengal and that one of the fosters had a personal cat for adoption that happened to be a purebred seal lynxpoint.

(Take a moment to wonder why they never emailed me about my application for the litter if she's willing to adopt me her personal kitten).

Apparently the woman bought the kitten, named Dante, for 375 dollars and then had 300 dollars of vet work done on him. This was in June. They want 400 to adopt him- I tell them I'd love to have him but can't pay more than 200 for a cat. They email me back and say they can do 300, I say no, 200 is the best I can do, they say "we'll think about it". I don't hear back from them for a month- and then at the first of August I get frustrated and email again, saying that I need to know if I'm adopting Dante or not. They email back and say they thought I backed out, because they'd left numerous voicemail messages and email messages for me that I never responded to. They had my phone and email correct- and I obsessivly check my email and pounce on my phone, yet I had never recieved a call.

BUT they say they'll adopt me Dante for 200, and that since he's active and would want a friend they'll give me a little black kitten for free with him. I'm all for it- when can I come to the foster home to meet them? Well, the woman who actually owned Dante is away for a few weeks, but another foster owner is happy to meet me somewhere to go thru with the adoption. I'm very wary of adopting cats without ever interacting with them, especially as my first cats, but I'd heard such good things about Dante that I couldn't resist. I meet her in an abandoned parking lot (hows that for sketchy) and she seems to be a very nice, sweet lady. I sign the paperwork and go thru with the adoption. The woman says she couldn't put her hands on their medical work, but she will and will mail it to me. Then she mentions I'll have to get them both neutered and get their rabies shots, which was a bit of a surprise- but I can handle it.

That was August 15. I've reminded them through email several times about the medical records, they stopped responding a few months ago, and there isn't a contact number on the adoption copy I have. They're great cats, I have no regrets about the way they were adopted, but I am worried about the "300 dollars" spent on Dante (now Alcott) if he wasn't even neutered. Is that a typical start up for a vet if it doesn't include alteration or rabies?

After I got my cats three friends decided to get them- and I told them to steer clear of the agency I went through. These people really hurt themselves.
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What a bizarre story! I'm glad that the kitties have new homes, but it does seem like the neutering would have been included...sounds like a scam, to me!
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Definitely sounds wrong to me. We adopted Wiggies for $110 and that included neutering & first shots. And of course we got to meet and play with the kitties first! Hey, that's CDN$$ too!
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Most reputable rescue groups will spay/neuter a cat before adoption and none will negotiation a price like they did with you. If I were you, I would be tempted to contact a reputable rescue agency in your area and report this incident. There are a lot of small rescue groups in this area and when one pulls antics like you describe, there is a lot of pressure placed on them to clean up their act or get out of business.

If they did that with this cat, who knows what they are pulling with others?
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