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Vibes please for Tom

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I have been trying for 3 weeks to get another urine sample out of Tom - he peed up the wall one day last week, and peed in the kitchen yesterday, so the rescue have spoken to her vet and they have decided they will keep him in until they can get a sample. She was also concerned about diabetes as he drinks a lot and is overweight, but I said my vet thought he may have kidney issues, and her vet told her the same, so they may also be running blood tests on him. I have also asked them to look at his teeth, although I hope that they dont do a dental, as my vet thinks he is too overweight to withstand it, and although he has lost weight, he is only down to 8.6kg. I was happy with him being there for the day, but wasn't happy when she said 'In case he is there for a couple of days, can you let me have some of his special food in case she gave us everything she ordered'. I know it is good he will be there till they have either declared him healthy or found something, but I don't know what will happen if he does have an illness - he is already going to be hard to home due to being 12, and we will have to make sure whoever takes him is willing to work with him to keep his weight off.
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I'm sending good vibes his way. Poor baby - he really has it rough, doesn't he? that his health and weight improve, and that he finds a forever home.
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Poor Tom. He's really been through a lot. Sending good vibes his way.
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I hope all turns out okay for Tom. Get well big kitty. Prayers to you.
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Poor Tom, he is having a very rough time.
Thank God that he is with you right now. You both will be in my thoughts & prayers.
Keep us updated.
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Thanks. On Sat, I set the alarm for 6am, and popped him in the bathroom with the special litter. At 10.30, I swapped him to the fosters room. At 11.30, I had to give up as it was the cutoff for getting to the vets before they shut!! 5 1/2 hours and he didn't do anything, despite having 3 litter trays, so who knows how long it will take the vets to get a sample out of him!! I know he is only a foster, and he is up for rehoming when he loses enough weight, I am just worried that if he has an illness, he will be very hard to home, and I don't know what the rescue would do - I doubt they would do pts, but I also doubt they would do most of the things that can be done for CRF kitties - I imagine it is different for diabetic cats. I am also wondering how I will manage if he does need daily treatment (prob sounds selfish I know). I prob shouldnt' be worried about this, as the amount of water he is drinking could just be down to being on a predominantly dry diet, but I also have to accept that he is 12 and seriously overweight, so a prime candidate for a lot of health issues.
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I will continue to pray that you find the right solutions for you both.
It is so generous of you to care. So many people would not.
Thank you.
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Just spoken to the rescue, they managed to get a sample out of him, and he has crystals, so has to be on the special food to dissolve them, can't allow other cats to eat it etc!! She did say it was going to be expensive, but we can't do the alternative either. So I am going to have to be extra vigilant at not letting him eat the other cat's food, and them his!! Not too sure how easy that will be, but I have to do it. Also not sure how easy he will be to rehome because of it. There were no signs of crystals when his last urine sample was tested though, I am wondering if it was the predominantly dry diet that caused it.
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Prayers and good vibes that Tom's crystals will dissolve and he will find a loving forever home! Bless you for taking care of him!
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Positive vibes and best wishes for Tom
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Right, he has struvite crystals and has come home with Walthams Urinary wet food, although he will be given Hills urinary food (don't know which one) when it arrives early next week. I spent some time doing some research, and found that maybe a low magnesium/low protein/low acidic wet food might be just as good as the prescription food. I am going to look at some brands, at least if we can mix the two it will keep the cost down (this is the main worry for the rescue). My vet stocks RC food for this, and although it is expensive compared to Whiskas etc, it isn't that much more expensive than Hills, James WEllbeloved, and compared to price of surgery, it is cheap. Hopefully with that in mind, he will still be able to be rehomed, it will just be that bit harder. He is supposed to have antibiotics too, but the vet forgot to put it in the bag with his special food!! They also want to do a re-test in 2 weeks. How he is going to lose some weight i don't know (although I didn't like the ingredients in Hills r/d anyway)
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Poor Tom.

I would check with your vet before deciding what food to put him on. I would take your research to him and the dates the research was done and any food you think approperoriate. I am sure you would do this as I am sure you are aware that science , in this case food science, is always changing and something that was written a very short while ago could now be out of date. Internet research is great, but we have to take care when reading it with regards to when it was written and who wrote it. As I say I am sure you have taking this into consideration.

I use Royal canin and don't find it much more expensive. The ingredients are good. With poultry meat being the first ingredient with 27% protein. Not sure about Unirary one though. I get it online and find it much cheaper than the vets. My cats and fosters do great on it anyhow.

I am surprised what you say about Hills r/d. I have always been led to believe that Hills is one of the best foods on markets. What is it about the ingredients you don't like?

Well done you anyhow for taking the time to do research for Tom and I hope you find a good food for him that the rescue are willing to buy for him.
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Will make sure I do that.

Have just worked out, with how much my vet charges and how long it would last, it would cost around 77p a day to feed him, which isn't mega expensive.

I have been told that but I don't like the ingredients for the adult hills - for the tuna variety, tuna is 6th on the list, and it is tuna meal and only 10%, these are the ingredients for r.d - Meat and animal derivatives, cereals, cellulose, vegetable protein extracts, minerals, oils and fats. No mention of how much meat, or even what kind, and it doesn't look appealing, it is very pale compared to normal biscuits.
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