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Good Day ~ I am new to this group ~ but am searching for some support and or advice regarding my 13 year old Angora named CC ~ He was born deaf and has had special needs all his life ~ and never really got along with my other cat Amber aged 19 who I lost this March to end stage CRF after a valiant fight ~ the thing is that CC has been slowly getting "old" since that time - he really misses her ~ nobody to be jealous of or to keep him in line anymore ~ I thought he would be relieved in some way but instead he is depressed - losing weight and in general losing his enthusiasm ~ I am not sure if this was happening gradually over the last few years and I just did not notice because of my increased attention to Amber and her decline ~ does anybody have any suggestions how I can get this guy interested in life again? He used to be so fiesty and such a brat ~ now trying to get him to even play with his laser toy is a battle ~ (Blood work within normal limits) However we just had a bad infestation with fleas and also he did have 2 benign turmors removed about a month ago ~ maybe this combined with his loss of "the boss of the house" is causing these behaviors?? Any comments would be appreciated!! Thanks so much ~ Regards, Kathryn
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Hi Kathryn and welcome to TCS. Perhaps consider getting another cat or kitten. 13 isn't all that old nowdays and another cat to play with may be just what he needs.
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One of the cats in our local shelter was suffering from depression after her owner died and she landed in the shelter. She was totally apathetic and would barely eat. The vet put her on anti-depressants for three months, and suggested that she be tempted with interesting new toys, a variety of new foods, and new smells brought in from outside (leaves, stones, etc.). One of the volunteers has been doing Tellington Touch with her. She's a lot more interested in her surroundings now, but still refuses to have much to do with other cats.
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WOW thanks so much - I am willing to try anything at this point ~ where do I learn about this Telington Touch? I want to have hope!! I also ordered some catnip bubbles for him to chase around ~ I have tried the laser toy ~ hmmm what other toys could I get for a deaf guy? He is afraid of the ones that dangle and flit around the air ~ food would be a great option also ~ he is eating KD diet as a preventative for healthy kidneys and I do not think this is very tasty ~ the Vet sent some canned stuff home to tempt him with but he hates it ~ I am giving vitamins twice a day (just started this) it is supposed to spark the appetite (?)
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I see you started a thread about Tellington Touch! If he's afraid of the dangling type of toys, how about a battery-operated mouse (I found a good one at WalMart, though it's more rat-sized), a "Weezle Ball" (battery operated plastic ball with an attached furry weasel, which "plays" with the ball when it rolls), or a cardboard box full of colorful paper streamers? He won't be attracted by the sound, but maybe he'll like the colors and feel of the streamers. A lot of cats like the "Boogie Mat", which is a colorful, cat-sized mat that you can re-fill with catnip. http://www.catreviews.com/view.php?ItemID=23
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