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Contact E-mails/#'s For Ch 10: Help Max  

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These are the emails to everyone pertinant at one of the news stations in Sacramento to try and get coverage for the Max memorial service next Wednesday. I'm asking if you would email these people and request they cover it. And for those that wouldn't mind calling, please do:

bmitchel@news10.net, comments@news10.net, rpostell@news10.net, mmohr@news10.net, rcomings@news10.net,
gmoraga@news10.net, bmontgomery@news10.net, shop@news10.net

(916) 441-2345 Toll-Free Line: (800) 795-KXTV
News Hotline: (916) 321-3300

Fox 40 News - Phone (916) 454-4422

Sacramento Gazette - Phone: (916) 567-9654 email: SacGazette@aol.com

Newsdir_KMAX@paramount.com Telephone: 916-925-3100

KOVR 13 News Department <news@kovr13.com>/"Dr Jyl <news@kovr13.com" <"news"@kovr13.com>>

NBC KSBW Phone 831-758-8888

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Thank you for the info, Meowman.... we really do appreciate it. Let's hope we can do some good!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Dear MeowMan,
I was so upset after reading about Max and then I must've spent around three or more hours sending mail out to animal rights organizations; I'm even going to send a copy of that page to Hillary Clinton...ya know Socks kind looks like him. He was so beautiful! I can't believe what this person did. Poor Denice and Max...yes, I will definitely call, write or whatever it takes. Thanks for being there for Max. I'll be right along side of you.
God Bless You!
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You are the most kind hearted person I have ever met, Catarina.... I am so very glad I met you.
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Dear Deb!
Well, you are by far one of the most kind people I've ever met as well, I guess that's why we can appreciate that in each other How's that for mutual admiration! LOL! I'm so elated that I've met you as well. I hope our friendship blossoms each day! :blossom:
God Bless You Always!
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Dear MeowMan,
I don't understand, I called one of the guys at KXTV in Sacramento...his name was Robert Kennedy, at first he was like...yeah, yeah, yeah...but, I was very nonchalant about the whole matter and I told him that "Oh, I'm sorry you didn't hear that he even turnd on her with the same murder weapon he used on the poor cat...oh well, hmmmmm...well, that certainly changed his tune...I was so happy...but, I didn't want to appear too anxious, I asked if he would like for me to send him the copy of the website and he was more than happy to receive it. I was so relieved....whew! Boy, the mind games! I think I'll stick to my plans for the beach as I'm already late today about 3 hours?! WHO CARES! I love helping and I pray that he helps this woman. I just thought I'd share this funny story, yet kinda scary story too. I mean, if he never even heard about it...???? Do you think that's possible?
God Bless You....Always...
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My results: Ch 10 will make their decision on Tuesday if they are to do a story. I spoke with them and they haven't made a commitment as of yet, but more phone calls would probably sway them.

Fox 40: Call and ask to speak to Troy. Tell him (or whomever you speak with) of your interest in seeing some coverage on this. I feel the we'll get the best response from Fox. But, more really do need to call.

The Sacramento Gazette is requesting emails to show interest, so everyone email them, please.

Ch 10 seemed flippant and I couldn't get thru to the others.

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Dear MeowMan,
Well, I never made it to the beach...because I made this crucial decision that this was way more important. Hence, I spent the rest of the day writing, sending emails, blah, blah, blah...and I did get some results. Like the following:

Dear Catarina
I am sending this note to our news director. I am sure they are aware of the story and are looking into it. We at news10 appreciate your message and willingness to get involved. Please continue to write us with your concerns
and we will continue to listen. Thank you.

Russell Postell
President and General Manager News10

Thank you for the e-mail. We are aware of this case and at this time, do plan to be at the hearing next Wednesday for the man accused in this case.
Like you and others who have contacted us, we were shocked at this incident and do want to see this case handled right. Thanks again for the note.

Ron Comings
News Director

Oh, and I did get one back from the mayor, but it obviously was a form letter...

All in all, I felt very good about channel 10 and my converstion with Mr. Kennedy...like I said...I remained very calm and I do believe he expected theatrics. I'll do as you requested in your last posting. Too bad it's the weekend. I'm all jazzed up about this right now, but hey, I have a lot of people over here that are animal fanatics and this will get them charged for Monday.
Have a great weekend. Take Care & God Bless You!

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Have I told you lately how wonderful you are! You got much better results from Ch 10 than I. I've got the fire lit under Fox40, but could use back up there as well. I think were going to make headway. Thank you all for helping Max's death not to go unnoticed!

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Dear MeowMan,
I have a question for ya...was this guy a probation officer or something like that?
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Can you imagine how he acts towards the children he supervises? Kinda scary if you ask me. Personally, I think this guys boss should suspend him or put him on a desk job. Noone responsible for such a terrible crime should have access to or work with children, especialloy those in trouble who needs guidance.

By the way, here's the number for the CBS affiliate KOVR. I'll call them Monday, but would appreciate back up here as well. I told Denice I have made it my mission to put this jerk under a very uncomfortable spotlight. I think we got Fox, but haven't gotten a confirmation as of yet.

(916) 374-1313 KOVR CBS
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Dear MeowMan,
Why thank you for the compliment! I'll definitely, call Fox and of course email the others and call and yank my hair out and hold my breath until my face turns blue to see that Denice sees justice for her poor baby Max
How's that? LOL...So, on with our mission!
I'll keep you posted.
God Bless & have a wonderful weekend!
PS I emailed a card to Denice today, and I was so embarrassed because American Greetings only sent her half of my message! Can you believe that! I felt like such a dummy. So then I emailed her and I never received a reply, I know she must be so stressed anyway. I just hope she doesn't think I'm some kind of kook. Oh well. So much for electronic cards!
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Denice has been very busy. I usually don't get emails from her til' late. Today she was to have a Catscan (seriously, ok? I know that sounds funny and, ironicly it may be. lol) done to Max for use at the trial, so that couldn't have been at all pleasant. She has been stressed, especially since it's nearing THE day.

CBS, NBC and UPN are my next objectives. I emailed the Sacramento Gazette, but have yet to hear back.

I have my personal PC back, but it may take me a few days to get back online at home, so if you don't hear from me til' I get to work Monday, you'll know why.

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You two are just great!!! I salute you!

I have asked everyone I know to get involved.

If you don't mind, I'm moving this thread to the SOS forum where it belongs.

To get more people you may want to bring up the matter in our daily threads as well and update everyone there too.

Keep up the good work!
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Way to go guys!!!! I also got the form letter from the mayor, but at least it seems some people are willing to take the time to address this more personaly. I sure hope this helps, and that this cruel man gets the punishment he deserves!!!!
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Some more VERY interesting information that may be useful in any future emails and/or phone calls.

When speaking to the press via email or phone you might want to point out these items: Take a look at the police report, there are many inconsistencies!

1. When the golf club was returned to the suspect and upon inquiries the police offered a field receipt which had an unverified signature on it for release of the weapon. Interestingly enough, a duplicate copy of this field reciept given to Mr. Lacey did NOT have this same signature on it. Now, this is a subjective opinion on MY part, but I feel that either Mr. Lacey himself forged the signature to get the club back or a police friend signed it in an effort to protect one of their own

2. The witnesses clearly told the police officer's the suspect was a black male, but on the police report where this should have been written on the police report it appears to have been erased and then written over it is WMA (white male adult).

It seems to me that the police department is trying to erase any opportunuty to prove that one of their own did this. It seems that he is being protected and illegally I might add. I feel that this information may be useful. Of course, being able to actually prove any of this may prove difficult. It seems as though that poor Max is fighting corrupt police who feel more comfortable protecting a fellow officer as apossed to proving the truth.

Thats all the extra news that I have, but if this were played out in the media, better justice may be served. The media can be a very powerful tool to get to the core of what the truth is and can put pressure on the police. This is just so disgusting the more I learn

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Well, I must say I'm not surprised. I see it all the time. Even here, in my small town. It's pathetic. Now, let's not forget about the lab findings regarding the german shepherd's fur. I think that's a very large slice of evidence isn't it! I would like to really dig my claws in this (no pun intended here!) I guess I'll have to call the Sacramento Police Dept. and have them fax this info to me? I would like to go the paper armed. I don't want to sound like some lunatic with accusations. I'm sure you understand. Please, I do hope to hear from you asap. Oh! Denice did email me and what a sweetheart!!! She really is so grateful for all the time you've donated to Max...you're a great warrior MeowMan!
God Bless You & Your Works

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Dear Meowman,
Would you mind if I called you!? I could get a whole lot done much quicker if I could talk to you ya know...or if you had instant messanger. I don't mind pickin' up the tab here. LOL...really, I just need some help getting some info quick!

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I'll give you my home # via AIM. On AIM I'm TheKittyGuy
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Dear Chuck,
Hey There, I received some email today and I'm really pleased. I also have a friend out there that works for a TV station but it's a PBS station, now, they don't do the news obviously, but they have connections so, he's going to talk with his executive producer. We'll see what happens. I'm getting chills. This whole thing is getting so intense. I'm gonna leave for a while I've been at this all day.
I hope to see ya later. I'll be on around 7:00 okay?

Take Care & Good Luck Too!
God Bless Always!
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OK everyone. UPN news will only get off their butts if they recieve more than a few personal fax's on this. So, please, those that have access to a fax machine please send a fax to the station to the Assignment Desk. (916) 921-3050.

Here is a smaple of what I have been emailing and will fax:

I am emailing you regarding a very newsworthy story
that I feel needs to be brought to the attention of
the public and, in doing so, then perhaps justice can
be served.

An off-duty Juvenile Parole Officer illegally
trespassed onto the private property of Denice
Baltrons and began an unprovoked attack on her cat,
Max who was residing on his home property. This man,
Mr. James Lacey, Sr., beat Max to death with a golf
club and then, as if that weren't enough, picked up a
rock and smashed the already injured cats head in. Mr.
Lacey was witnessed by neighbors of his brutality and
he was subsequently arrested for his horrendous crime.
However, the witness information contained within the
police report was conveniently erased and an opposite
description of the assailant was apparently written
it's place to throw the blame from "one of their own".
The weapon was also signed out and returned to Mr.
Lacey when it should have remained in police evidence
for use at the hearing into this crime in court room 8
at the Sacramento Court House on Wednesday, March
14th. It seems that there is a concious effort to
shield evidence by the police in this crime and to
throw the blame away from Mr. Lacey, the accused by
eye-witness accounts.

A memorial serice is being held for Max the cat in
front of the court house at 9:30 am Wednesday, March
14th before the hearing. I believe that it would be
very negligent were this story not brought into the
publics homes, because justice needs to be served.
And, does anyone really want a man that committed such
a horrible act to be responsible for our children as a
Juvenile Parole Officer?

Please email me back ASAP concerning this, for I fear
this story won't be given the time it deserves and it
is one that desperately needs to be told.

J. Chuck Gramling
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One more call you could make to help back me up on this is to:

Ryan Jones
News Editor
(916) 325-3627

They recieved my email, but I haven't heard anything further. I have also faxed UPN, so a phone call to them tomorrow would be cool. And, finally, Fox 40 has yet to make a decision, but I feel that a call to Carol there would help.

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Dear Chuck,

Got your back!

Talk to ya manana...
God Bless & have a nice evening at work.....
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I'm at work now and canb't IM from here, so I thought that I'd post and tell you whats up on my end:

Fox 40 wanted to do a pre-story tonight, but since Denice is a material witness in the case, she can't give an interview.

BUT, Fox 40 will, for sure, be there at the memorial service and at the hearing tomorrow, at which time Denice willo go on camera and say a word or 2 for Max and all abused kitties.

Ch 10 is a go, so thats good. From what I understand, they will be at the hearing only.

And, finally, I spoke with Denice on the phone for the first time and she wanted to extend her heartfelt thanks and eternal gratitude to you for all that you've done. If you hadn't have partnered with me on this I don't think the results would have been as good.

And, lastly, I never got any reply from CBS, UPN or the Sacramento Gazette, all of whom I called today. So, let me know how it's going. I'll check AIM upon arriving home at 130 or so to see if your on. Or you can call me.

I am so exausted. Lets hope tomorrow goes well.

OH! I almost forgot! Tomorrow is just the preliminary hearing. The actual trial will start sometime in the next 60 days and guess what? That means we've got time to rally a lot more press behind it by the time the verdict is read by a jury. So, keep your friends on top of this. Tomorrow is JUST THE BEGINNING of the fight to the road for justice. Now, we have some time to hang this guy!
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Hi everybody,

I've been reading your postings regarding Max. I work for a newspaper in Connecticut and wondered if there is anything more I can do? I've sent e-mails to all the different addresses you gave. I have contacts at Fox 61 and Channel 30. They gave our rescue organization alot of press when we did the cat rescue which helped us place all of them. Let me know if there is anything I can do on my end.

My goes out to Denice and Max. Police corruption is the lowest of lows in my book. It's pretty sad when you can't even trust them.
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Thank you for your offer. Perhaps your paper and both of those stations would be interested in doing a story on animal abuse and citing Max's story in the process. The more press he gets the better all the way around its going to be. I'd have to arrange an interview for you with Denice. She has someone handling some aspects of her ordeal, Leroy with A Voice For Pets, and he might be a great person to start with in collecting material for an article or for the stations.

Email me the next chance you get and we can talk about it.
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Dear Chuck,
I feel so good but yet I feel so bad too because I tried so hard today to get through to UPN and I talked to them and I did what you told me to do. But, they have such a condescending way about them I even asked them why they were trying to make me feel like such a fool. The man's voice changed and said he didn't want to make feel that way it's just that he had so many more important stories. I said what can be so much more important than our children. He went silent. I think he thought I was nuts. I guess I'm getting a bit emotional, I'm tired...ya know. It's been quite a day. I've talked to tons of people getting them involved and what a joy that's been; it's also heart wrenching to hurt them to see them hurt...I'm sure you understand that too. I didn't hear from anyone, I did notice that my email from the Gazette was deleted...that was not very nice. I was very bitter about that; I think I wrote about ten hate emails and deleted them before sending them out. I emailed Lisa at CBS "Max's" website...but I haven't heard from her as yet. Like I said, I'm just exhausted, I think I've signed on and off here today a gazillion times looking for signs of good news...something...anything. Anyway, I'll be looking for you tonite...I'll stick around 'till you get home. I might as well be a glutton for more punishment since I told my boss I was going to take the rest of the week off until I saw this thing through with Max. I pray Denice sees a good day tomorrow Chuck. I thank God for the numerous blessings He poured on me when I found this site. I not only found a great website, I found friends, and I found a cause to fight for. I'm really proud to have met you Chuck, you are a passionate man. Not too many men would do what you are doing and hold their head upright, not be embarrassed about fighting for a beautiful feline.
I don't care what I've heard; what others say about you, but you're a great guy and I'll be happy to be your partner in this till whenever! JUST KIDDING CHUCK! lol....So, let's keep it JAMMING! I'm in high gear...yes, I'm tired....slap happy...crazed to this have this over and done with tomorrow....I wish I bought a ticket and flew over there, but then again; I'm right where I need to be. Oh, and by the way, when you speak with Denice again, please let her know that was so thoughtful of her, but so unnecessary. I think anyone of us on this site would do anything we could for the safety of her cat or anyone's babe. I'm just so sorry that I couldn't be there that day; as I am sure we all are.
God Bless You & Yours,

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Hi everybody!

I called my contact at Fox 61. Their sister station, Fox 40 is covering the Max memorial and preliminary trial in Sacramento. Fox 61 is going to try and run the coverage in Connecticut. Keep your fingers crossed!
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Dear Donna,
I could've sworn I posted this message earlier! I am really confused! < This little guy is so appropriate. I just wanted to tell you how wonderful you are to get your TV station up north involved. I heard that you are also a writer and were going to write a story about Max. I think that's so kind of you. I may have misunderstood, but nevertheless; a letter to the editor by anyone of us, even if we don't have a column could be another route to go on. So, I think perhaps I'll share that with the people in the Cat Lounge. Thanks again. You're angel from Heaven.
God Bless You!
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Catarina, Donna and everyone, check out my post about the memorial, Max and the press on the Wed. daily thread. WE WON KITTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you and thank you. I love you all for your heartfelt effort!
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