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I have, unwittingly, taken a thief to my bosom! I thought that my priceless trove of costume jewelry was secure but, yesterday, my rhinestone bolo tie was on the living room floor and a certain redheaded feline was caught with it, red-pawed! Later in the day, one of my stuffed animals was found, two rooms away from its usual position. We, either have a poltergeist or, Opie is a cat burglar. Oh, well, we love him, anyway - larcenous nature and all!
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She is fond of taking watches, eyeglasses and rings and dumping them in the litterbox upstairs! We warn all our overnight guests, some take us seriously while others end up laughing and being non-believers. Until the following morning when there is a fishing expedition going on upstairs. This cat is not orange, she is black and white and a real scamp! My Orange kitty Bailey, is my adventurer and my horse's best bud. Sleeps with him at night in his hay manger.
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I had one that used to steal underwear and socks. Made getting dressed interesting. Not much resale value on those items so I know he wasn't supporting a catnip habit, but I suppose it was worth embarassing me by bringing personal items out when guests were over.
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Muffy likes to steal my necklaces and my daughter's hair bands. When I clean under the refrigerator and the washer and dryer, I find tons and tons of hair bands. I have to be sure to put my necklaces away each time or she'll steal them. She's a crazy cat!
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Opie isn't my first thieving cat. Many years ago, a black long-hair, named Scamp (he earned that name) stole my kids' socks and underwear and left them inside the coffee table. His companion, Feisty, stole the same Christmas ornament, off of the tree, each year. No matter, how high I placed it, it would turn up in odd places, around the house. I, also, had to put her stocking out of reach. It was the ONLY one that she would pull down. It din't, even have her name on it, just an initial. Somehow, I guess she learned the ABCs. Love those cats, though!
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I had a precious yellow guy (RB) who used to steal my syringes (I am diabetic). He was long-haired with a big, puffy head, and sometimes I would catch him with his head in my purse, fishing out stray syringes! He was so cute!
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One morning I woke up and found one of my makeup brushes in another room. I am not sure who was the culprit, but my guess is that she had 4 legs and fur!

One of the cats loves to take the toilet paper off the roll, so we have to keep the door closed or she sneaks in and starts playing. Does anyone else have this situation?
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Yes, make-up brushes! I give those little dinky cheapie brushes that come in the blusher compacts to my cats, so they leave my expensive big brushes alone!
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Cooie, Good idea, I put my big brushes in a closed cosmetic case. And I make sure I put my earrings back in the jewelry box at the end of the day, or I find them all over the house, too.
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Most of mine don't steal anything. Pepperpot, however, goes into my mother in law's purse & takes out her little packet of credit cards (it has an elastic band on it). I keep telling the MIL to keep her purse closed or her credit cards are mine. LOL
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It appears that the term "cat burglar" is appropriate. Actually, Opie started his criminal career by "stealing" my pillow. Several nights, a week, I work swing shift and, when I come dragging in, between 11:30 and midnight, I, frequently, find my pillow occupied. We have, finally, agreed to share it. Between Opie snuggled on my left side and Bill tight against my right, I don't turn over, much. At least, I stay warm!
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