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Good vibes for Peter

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Just wanted to ask for some good vibes for Peter. We're going to the vet this afternoon to have his heart murmur reeavaluated. I'm hoping he's outgrown it but, if not, we'll go ahead with additional testing to determine what's causing it and, if he does have heart disease, how to treat it. I know my sweet, shy little guy is going to be very scared, so please be thinking of him later today. Thanks!
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Aw, we are sending hugs to wee Peter and his meowmy. Hope everything tests out to be better than you hope.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
Aw, we are sending hugs to wee Peter and his meowmy. Hope everything tests out to be better than you hope.
Thanks. I'm hoping for the best, but am also prepared to deal with something more serious. At our last visit the vet said if Peter ends up having heart disease he could be treated and live with it for many years, or depending how serious it is, he might only be with me a few years. I hope to a have a lot of time with him but, if not, I'll make sure whatever time he has is happy.
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Aww, poor shy Peter. I've got my fingers crossed that everything turns out roses.
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Poor boy, will be thinking of him and sending lots of {{{healthy}}} vibes his way
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Just called Bradley and asked if he'd cross the Drama Queens' paws for Peter! Seriously, he's in my thoughts right now and I hope all goes well at the vets regarding his heart murmur. Please let us know how it goes!
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that the news is good, and the visit isn't too traumatic for him.
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Good vibes and positive thoughs for Peter.
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Good luck, and I hope it is something that can be controlled with medication.
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Sending lots of good vibes to Peter.
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Peter will be in my thoughts and prayers. Please give him a loving hug for me.
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We're sending good vibes and wishes your way!
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Thanks everybody for the good vibes for my sweet boy.

The vet checked again and did detect a heart murmur. She also took xrays which showed Peter's heart is slightly enlarged. The next step will be an ultrasound to try and determine what the problem is and how to address it.
He's otherwise healthy and young enough that the vet seems confident whatever the problem is it can be treated.

Thanks again for the vibes from Peter and me. Will post an update after the ultrasound.
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It is wonderful that you are taking such good care of Peter.
I'll send positive vibes that the ultrasound finds the problem so that you & his vet can treat & protect your darling furboy.
I will look forward to your next update.
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Thinking of you and Peter and keeping my fingers crossed till the next update.
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