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DT for Wednesday

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Good day to all! It is a very wet day here today - it is pouring. At least it is warm enough that it is not snow - it would end up being alot of snow. Hopefully today will be a better day than the last 2. I have a quality assurance meeting today that will probably have some heated conversation - it should be entertaining. I am going shopping with my mom tonight - there is a big sale at one of my fav stores. Also going to go to Costco & get my hubby his birthday present.
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Ady, I hope today is a better day for you than the last 2 have been!

Today should be a crazy day for me as it's the last one I'm here in the office. Lots of loose ends to tie up.

I found this great cake recipe, and I gave it Melissa and she has already made it and loved it, so I thought I would share it here. It's as low fat as it gets.

1 box angel food cake mix
1 20oz can of crushed pineapple (in juice, not syrup)

mix together and bake according to the directions on the box. That's all there is to it and it's really good! Maybe Mel will come on and give a testimonial

My guy loves it and doesn't even realize that it's a 'healthy' recipe. He just knows that it tastes good. And it couldn't be any easier to make.

Hope everyone has a great day! Hope noone cries or screams at you today Ady
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Pineapple is awfully heavy, does it all settle to the bottom? My mom used to make pineapple upside-down cake from scratch. I never really asked for it when I was younger, but I've been thinking of it pretty often these days, and this reminded me again. She used the Betty Crocker recipe from the 1950-something version of the cookbook. They've updated recent editions to reflect better nutrition but it just doesn't taste the same. I'm gonna have to hunt out an old copy from a thrift store or a garage sale or something.

I am still coughing unbelieveably this morning. Hubby insists I see the doctor (he NEVER tells me to see somebody) because he is afraid it's pneumonia. I'm sure it's just bronchitis. The cough seems to be part of this year's flu, everyone has it.

I need to figure out what to do about my daughter. She really got on her friend's nerves yesterday, and it's not the first time or the first friend. She is just plain bossy. She wants to tell people how to play, she simply won't participate if it's not what she wants to do and waits until other kids want to play her game, she's ahem rather enthusiastic to win at games and doesn't let it drop. I see alot of myself as a child in her, and I don't really know what to do about it. I can't even tell if it's a personality thing or an only child thing, because I was also an only.

Though it was awfully nice for me to get out the house for a few hours and talk to other moms, not just about mom stuff either.
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The pineapple did settle at the bottom. I just love the taste of the angel food flavored with pineapple. I love pineapple.

I don't have kids, so I have no suggestions about how to handle a bossy 5 year old. I know how I deal with bossy adults, but I don't think that applies here :laughing: I'm guessing though someone will have some suggestions.
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I'm skipping Bible study this morning. We're doing a Beth Moore study, which required about 45 minutes a day, and I didn't do a single lesson last week. I just couldn't get motivated for some reason. So I'd be just too embarrased to go this morning and have my pages all blank. I need to get back into it this week.

The weather is beatiful here again today, so I think we'll go on a walk this morning and maybe to the park this afternoon.

Amy has AWANA tonight, so she has to memorize her verse. I think it's long, but she learns really quickly.

Oh, and I have to do laundry today. What fun.
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And spitting rain every now and again. Mike gets to drive to Harrisburg to pick up the insurance check for the storm damage. I am going to stay here, study Math....ugh and clean this house. I am lazy this morning, haven't been out to see the outside critters. I was up late working on my book, got suddenly inspired after having writer's block for over 3 months!

I did watch the ice skating last night, conflicted about who I want to win the gold, I know I just want them to be American. I thought it was awesome, the games last night. I just wish they covered the events better instead of sporadically.
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All I can say is the flu sucks. As I have mentioned, both my kids were sick since Saturday. Well my daughter recovered quickly, she is back to normal again. Then there is my son. As of last night, his temp was up to 104.8, and he was getting worse rather than better. So, I took him back to the ped's office, for the 2nd time in as many days. They finally agreed to do some bloodwork and do a nasal swab for the flu. After much screaming on my sons part and a lot of tears from me, they were able to complete the tests.
The doc office called this morning, and everything was negative. His blood was fine, and they have concluded its some sort of virus that will have to run its course. She said it will probably last a few more days, and then he should start to feel better. Gosh, I am so tired, I've been up day and night with him. Trying to do everything and anything to make him happy. My mom brought over popsicles, hubby went and got a bunch of library books, and I am running up and down the stairs endlessly. When will he get better???????????????????????????????????????? I feel so bad for him, he just feels miserable.
And now, this morning, I think I am finally catching what they had. My throat is hurting, and I am getting achy. Just what I need to end a perfect week!!!!!
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In the interest of making things a little easier for you, have you tried moving you son to the sofa? You can change his sheets (get those germy ones off the bed and Lysol everything) so that will be an improvement for him. Plus, a change of scenery might help his mood. He can watch some tv and you won't have to climb those stairs. It will make your living room a little messy, but that's okay.

Then if you get worse, put yourself on the sofa and let him have a sleeping bag on the floor near you. Sure it will be a tent and a picnic blanket and everything, but you will be together in case he needs anything. Nothing worse than trying to take a nap with a cranky child yelling for you from another room, except maybe waking up and finding a distraught child who thinks you've been ignoring him. Been on both sides of that . . .

Do take care of yourself!
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I have to say I think it's an only child thing. I was an only child for the longest time (I now have step-siblings and half-siblings) and exhibited a lot of those traits. I actuall almost failed kindergarten because my socialization skills were so bad. I got better as I got older but I really hated sharing and wouldn't do it. If games were played to my liking I wouldn't play and I would play my own and wait for others to join (but follow the rules).

Well, for me today is kinda blah. My monthly friend came to visit today and is being a "pain" I have therapy tonight but my mind feels very unorganized right now and I don't know what I want to work on when I go. I'll get home later tonight and hubby will be starving by the time I get home (the man couldn't cook to save his life luckily there are some leftovers - he can work a microwave). Been searching for cat trees on the internet and have found a couple of companies that are fairly reasonable - just waiting for the tax return.
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Oh! The Pineapple Angel Food Cake... It is so unbelieveably good!!!! You guys have got to try it! I think the reason the pineapple doesn't sink to the bottom is because its crushed pineapple instead of the heavier chunks..anyways for a fat free dessert it is the bomb!

My day is going to be pretty hum drum it seems. I went to the gym this morning nice and early, paid some bills and actually splurged on a new spring jacket for myself The rest of the day will be spent with my little boy, putting together his new puzzle and maybe going for a walk. Its very sunny and warm here today..maybe that caused me to buy the jacket??

Allison, I can relate to the bossy child thing. Once my daughter started school last year she became little Miss Know-it-all. I still have to remind her fairly often to watch her attitude and to try to remember how it feels to be on the receiving end of being bossed around. Shes able to put herself in someones shoes pretty well, so she understands that approach. Good luck with your little one
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Sunlion - I'm sorry, I don't have any advice. My daughter is bossy, but only to her younger brother. It may very well be an only child thing. She may learn as she gets older that the other children don't like to play with kids who try to boss them around. She may decide to change her behavior on her own. If I were you, I'd just try to get her around as many children as possible to work on her socialization skills. I know you're home schooling her, so that may be an important part of her education. I have other friends who are homeschooling, but they have loads of kids so socialization isn't really an issue.

AP - I'm going to try that angel food cake. Sounds absolutely yummy! I love angel food, and the pineapple will just make it that much better.

We're leaving for the park in a bit, if I can get the kids to finish their early lunch. I hear them in the kitchen playing games with their food. At least they have very active imaginations.

Daniella - I hope everyone gets to feeling better. We had the flu last year, and it was just horrible. The kids got it first, one at a time, and then Doug and I both got it at the same time. At least we weren't sick at the same time as the kids.
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AP, that cake sounds wonderful!!

Daniela, I am sorry to hear about your kids being so sick...I hope they feel better soon, and I hope you don't get it!!!
I stayed home from work today, with a bad headache, and body aches all over...I feel better now, though.
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Great tip Sunlion, actually though the kids seem to be much better this afternoon. Fever is gone finally, and David is eating and playing.

Thanks for the well wishes everyone!!
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Yay! I'm so glad they're doing better! Sick children are definitely no fun.
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In about seven minutes it'll be Thursday, so I'd best hurry up with this post! Well, I've spent the day and evening tweaking on my storage site: I needed a place on the inter-net for image files to live, so they can be used in remote-linking situations. EvilFrogs.Com to the rescue!


I hope everybody has a nice Thursday. Take care!

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