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Does anyone understand what TORTURE this has been????

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Aaargh! Finally finally finally!!

My boss for some reason overlooked our telecommunications bill this last couple of months and so our internet line was disconnected.

They of course paid it immediately but due to red tape and various other Telstra dramas (which ALL other Australians on this site will understand!!) it took over TWO WEEKS to get back online at the office!!!

Utter torture to not be able to access TCS for that long at work!! Especially since I'm only four posts away from Top Cat...lol

But it wasn't just that - everything that I rely on and don't even realise - the online telephone directory, tax, banking, emails EVERYTHING was gone. I was unable to email my bf back and forth all day!!! (Lucky guy...lol)

I can't believe my internet dependence has gone this far but obviously I really need it!!

(It's amazing how much work I've got done in the last two weeks though )
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Telstra sucked! we switched over to optus and never had a problem

Well i left 4 years ago so i have no idea how better or worse they are

There was a really hot guy working for bigpond though! i called him at the airport an hour before departing to disconect my internet LOL!
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ive been a couple of weeks away from the internet,god it was hell,u just dont realise how much rubbish is shown on british television and i got a lot of housework done
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I moved internationally and finally got the net again after 2 months.
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Sarah you couldn't be more right about the dependence we have on the internet in the office! We had internet issues at work here a couple weeks ago, where it was down for just 2 1/2 days. My gosh, it was horrible! And like you said, not just because I couldn't sign on here. It really was amazing how many times I tried to just jump on the internet for something buisiness related only to remember that I had to put it off or find another way to get the information. And the guys have gotten so dependent on email, too. The fax machine was really working overtime!
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I'd be lost without my interent connection, amazing how much you come to rely on something
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Glad that you're back!
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I don't use it at work or anything but if I don't get my internet "fix" a couple times a day I go loony. Not that I'm wasn't already.
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oh, yeah, I understand! Bad enough to not have internet at work, and then to not get your "TCS fix"...ahhhhhhhhhhh..................
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