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You're welcome and thank you for taking Homer to the vet! I hope he is feeling better very soon.
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Originally Posted by katt
Well, after an eventful morning.. we are back from the vets safe and sound. My one roomate and i (not the owner, of course) were on the phone for a good hour calling every vet clinic in the city.. everything was completely booked up until Monday.. finally we found one that could let us in this morning. We ended up using a little duffle bag to carry him in. Because we had no information on his past.. about his shots or even how old he was, the vet had to look him over real good. He ended up coming to the conclusion that Homer is around 5 and a half months, but he was a little worried because he only has one testical still. Anyway, he ended up getting his shots today.. because even if he did get his shots when he was first born he would need an update by now anyway. He also gave him a pill and a half of de-worming medication. We have to give him more in 2 weeks, and then again in 4 weeks. He put some liquid stuff on the back of his neck too, that is supposed to get rid of fleas.. since that would have been how he contracted the tapeworm. He also recommended that we change his diet.. we had originally been giving him Meow Mix and kitten chow.. but we are supposed to get a higher up brand to help with his gas and diarrhea..although the worms would definetly have played a part in those.. he said they dont usually cause diarrhea or gas which i found surprising. He said too that the type of tapeworm that cats get is not contagious to humans. He also clipped his nails too. We have to go back in 4 weeks so he can get the rest of his shots.
To add to the frustration, when we got back from our two hour ordeal at the vets.. the actual owner of the cat was still in bed. So much for "i can't take him to the vet because i have class...: I just don't understand some people i guess.
Anyway, Homer is finally on the road to recovery, and thanks to everyone for helping me out with this and giving me wonderful tips and information and helping to persued me to take action.

You are incredible...your post really made my week.....I was getting really down about things, but the fact you did all that for a cat you dont even own is amazing..........I am so happy and so proud of you...I hope you realize how amazing this action was.................

I am glad to hear that homer will be doing better.....I hope that (if possible) you will be able to take Homer away from his current owner, and by doing that kepping him away from harms way, and showing him love......
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How wonderful for Homer that you cared enough to take him to the vet. He should be fine now. I agree that you should ask this non-caring person for ownership of the cat.
You have saved his life.
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Originally Posted by StefanZ
Edit. Now I did found out.

Banminth is Nemex in USA and some other countries, Banminth in other.

If you are sure it is roundworms - if you plainly see this as worms. A good and safe preparat is Banminth/ called Nemex in the US. Sold probably in pharmacy as it is in Sweden.

This preparate may be used on your own as it is easy adminstered and milder to cats then many other anti-worm drugs. Therefore good especially for kittens or sick cats.
Or if you dont know - begin with this as it is mild and harmless to the cat.

Is especielly effective at roundworms - but not good at tapeworms.

And remember. Usually best to consult a vet - always if the cat is real sick.

Good luck.
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