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My cat runs from me!! :(

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I took Buddy in to be neutered last Thursday. Now he runs from me when I even walk toward him. I wanted to introduce him to the cat condo I just bought but I cannot even get near him. The only time he lets me pet him is in the morning when he jumps on the bed to visit. Could it be that he associates me to the vet visit? Will he ever be back to his normal self?
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Try ignoring him. He may feel threatened by you and just needs some time to settle in again, you towering over him may be scaring him. If you ignore him, and let him come to you, then he may realise that there's nothing to be afraid of.

Let me know how he gets on, I need to take my two in for neutering the week after next!
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I second Purity. My kitty ran from me after I took him to the vet. He was already neutered, but I took him in for a checkup and some shots. Hid from me for probably about a week. I read on here or somewhere else online about ignoring a cat. It does work. It sounds mean, but its not meant to be. He wants his space and you give him plenty of it. When he jumps on the bed in the morning, give him a quick pet but not too much attention. Pretty soon he will be back to normal and forget all about that nasty vet.
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yep ignore him, and sit on the floor several times a day and read out loud in the room you know he is in. If he comes up, just ignore him for now, until he can trust you again. It takes time, especially if they had a really bad time of it at the vets, and some cats do.
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Don't you remember catlovers 101? Never walk towards a cat, they walk away. But if you walk away from a cat, they will follow you.

This isn't so true of really nice companion cats, so sometimes we forget. But your kitty has been through a stress, so you have to go back to basics.

Cats are very forgiving, so I wouldn't worry about that. I have an outside cat who was like a whirling dervish the first time he went in a carrier to see the vet. After coming home, he slept in the carrier for a few nights!

Best of luck with your boy. It is worth it to have him neutered!
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