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Theiving CATS!! ARGH!! hahaha

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Just wanted to share this little story with you.... over the weekend my sisters and their hubbies came to stay with us for a while, so I though it would be nice to do a huge roast dinner for everyone on Sunday, so off I went to buy THE biggest hunk of beef I could find. Anyway, I cooked it, we ate it (no-one died so I guess it was ok!! haha)but it was such a big bit that there was about half of it left. I put it back in the oven just as somewhere to store it until I wanted to use it again (mmm beef sandwiches..mmm). Anyway the next day I take it out of the oven put it on the side so I can cook something else..... and thicky here forgets to put it away. Come home Monday night, open the front door, and there before me is a massacered joint of beef!!! With some nice little piles of barf to garnish.... I walk into the lounge...and theres some more beef.... and some more barf...... oh well.... there goes my nice beef sandwiches today... funnily enough... the cats were'nt hungry that night..... :tounge2:
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After seeing the beef with the barf - were you actually in the mood for beef sandwiches anyway. LOL

My babues try to do the same thing - the only place they are not allowed is the kitchen counter & normally they follow that rule. However, sometimes there is something too tempting to pass up - I try to make sure everything is put away shortly after the meal or it is fair game.
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Hahaha... no I guess I wasn't!! hahaha Im the same with my cats though, they KNOW they're not allowed on the sides... and they usually stick to it really well.... but I guess as I was dumb enough to leave the beef out... I asked for it!!! :laughing:
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That is hilarious! I don't envy you having to clean that up!
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Yeah... I TRIED to get hubby to do it (pleading illness... heh heh he) but he wasn't buying it.... :laughing: (ever notice how when they're good and lovely and snuggley... they get referred to as "our" cats..... but when they do something like that.. it changes to "your" cats?!?!?!? hahahaa)
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Mine aren't much for beef, but chicken!

My daughter likes chicken legs. She'll eat all of one and want another, but she doesn't finish that one. Usually I pick the extra meat off the bone and put it in the the cats' dishes (each one has his own dish, though they eat out of any dish if the others aren't there).

The other night I was tired and left her plate on the sideboard to clean later. In about 10 minutes I heard a growl and a thud. I looked around and Sparky was swaggering out of the kitchen, tail held high, carrying that huge chicken leg in his mouth. He was SO proud! I didn't have the heart to take it away from him. This has to be the housecat equivalent of a lion bringing home a gazelle on the Serengeti.

Fortunately, he did that classic cat thing of crouching down behind something to hide, except that he's not really hidden. I suppose he was hidden from the other cats, but I could see him really well from the sofa, so I was able to watch him eat. Chicken bones are so dangerous for cats because they splinter into little pieces that are easy to choke on. Sparky ate the meat but left the bone and I grabbed it as soon as he walked away.

My little hunter!
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Years ago we had the sweetest little tabby boy who also turned into a thief. He was about 4 months old when mom decided to put a turkey out for defrosting. Well the little darling decided to make the 12 pound turkey his. Picture this, a little 4 month old kitty trying to drag his catch out of the bowl, off the counter and into his "den" - he was so determined that he actually got as far as the middle of the kitchen.... (hehehehehe)
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HELL!!! That is too cute!! I can just see it now!!
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And didn't you just hate to take his prize away from him? All that work for nothing! lol
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Oh these stories are all so great!!! Rhea...I can't imagine why your cats weren't hungry that night?? :laughing:

I have to be careful about leaving any kind of food on the counter because even though merlin knows better...it doesn't stop him from trying to be sneaky and grab some food!!!
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My little Boo will watch me eat my food and the minute that I leave to go and get something, she grabs the food and is off! I think she likes to eat human food more than her kitty food lol.
She has taken off with my cheeseburger from McDonalds, my taco from Taco Bell, and not to mention a big slice of ham! She will do anything just to get a bite of something. She also used to jump in the kitchen garbage can (we have the one with the flip lid) and I would take the lid off and she would just be sitting in the bottom of the can.

Is it ok to give them human food? What can/can't they eat?
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Rascal is also a theif. Here I am trying to eat a ham sandwich and he tries to eat it on the other side. Whenever I eat tuna, he's always following me around and meowing to me to give him some. I only give him a teaspoon to settle him down. I am very careful about leaving food out, but sometimes I make mistakes. Also, whenever I am warming something in the microwave, he is there waiting.
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