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New Baby

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Its been a long time since I have been to visit the cat forum I wanted to let you know that our number of furbabies has jumped up 1, we now have 9.

Chucky, Ive, Max, jeanie, Buddy, Ricky, Lacie, Titen, and now

Mr. Nermy Tink aka Tiggy hahaha

I am so excited about our new little fellow.

This is his link for his pictures.

Mr Nermy Tink aka Tiggy
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Cool!! Polydactyly!!! I have never seen that!!

Beautiful boy!!!
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Welcome to the family, beautiful little one!
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Such a handsome fellow!

Prince Edward Island? Oh, please, tell me it's really like in Anne of Green Gables! (If it isn't, lie. )
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He's adorable! I love the story of his homecoming too, and the way he made himself comfortable straight away! Gorgeous!
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He is so cute!!
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He is GORGEOUS! I'm trying to talk Trav into getting a kitten but I think Oscar likes being an only child
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Tink is just precious . Congratulations!
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Love the paws! Congrats!!!
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What an adorable story & pics! CONGRATULATIONS on such a happy addition to a lovely family! that is AWESOME!
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Very nice to hear from you!
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