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A real Tear jerker =(

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I don't know if this has been posted before.. I found this link in 2004 sometime.. it makes me cry everytime I watch it.
Make sure your volume is turned on, and I'll bet you that you'll never listen to that song the same way again.
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Oh that is just so heartbreaking!
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Thanks for the link. It sure pulls at the heartstrings!
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i didnt have my speakers on but the pics made my eyes moist
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wow, that is so heartbreaking, all those poor georgeous little faces
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Awww...all those poor little guys, I want to bring them all home with me!!
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Me too! That just breaks my heart! How those poor animals must feel not being loved
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I had to stop watching it after 3 pictures!! I saw a picture of a cat that looked like my Ranger and Emmy....and totally lost it!!
I think that should be ran on TV.....this message is wasted on us. We already know how sad and horrible it is that pets have to be killed just because some worthless human didn't love them enough. Maybe if some of the worthless humans out there were forced to see it, many animals lives would be spared.
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I just want to take all of those poor kitties home, and let them know the love of a human family. It's so sad.
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that is very sad and thats the first time i seen it makes ya cry
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Also, I do have copyright permission to post it.

I think it should be aired on tv somehow.. I'll email the guy probably and see if he's tried doing that yet.
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It didn't work for me. I just got a blank page.
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That absolutely should run on television . How heartbreaking!
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Gosh, I started to cry when I just saw the homepage! I wish more people could see this, rather than just us. Thanks for sharing though
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that was so sad it made me cry i too want to take them all home
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This makes me even more sad because today I have to stop feeding the stray cats by me because one guy doesnt like them, and nobody is here to help the cats or help me help them.
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I can't even watch it. I'm crying already from just reading the name of the link.
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The image of the homeless man and his homeless cat will haunt me forever.
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That was one of the saddest things I've ever seen....

It just makes you feel so helpless dosen't it?
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OMIGOD!!! I am at work, otherwise i'd be bawling and hugging my baby. Wow that really makes me want to volunteer at a shelter or something!
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I can't come up with the right words to describe how I am feeling right now...
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My still 's when I see this.
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Those are some beautiful animals... Those feral cats made me smile; they looked so well-fed and happy, someone must have been taking care of them!
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Originally Posted by Oscarsmommy View Post
Me too! That just breaks my heart! How those poor animals must feel not being loved
That is very sad, whenever I see a stray or something it always makes me so sad.
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