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cat sleeps up high anyone elses

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My cat Jess won't sleep on the floor anymore. When we first got him four years ago he used to have his bed on top of the tumble dryer in the kitchen and his bowls were placed up high as well to keep my kids out of them. I bought him a new bed a few months ago and he used it. Only I had to move it from its original position (on top of my chest of drawers) when I was decorating andplaced it on the floor. He wouldn't use it. He will sleep on the window sills, on my bed, top of tumble dryer anywhere really except on the floor. And he must have something to lie on even when sleeping high up be it clothing a tea towel anything. Well I have moved his bed back to the top of my drawers and loh and behold he is using it again. Which is fine cause means he no longer finds my bed attractive and now no more hairs (he is a long haired). What I was wondering is whether anyone else has a cat who is likethis. Is it some sort of secure feeling they get from being high up, or is something that stems from when he was younger and had to sleep high up to avoid young kids. Anyone else have the same thing with their cats.
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Virutally all cats like hanging out up high--that's why the window perches and kitty "trees" are so popular. From there, they can see everything that's going on...and they feel more secure there.
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both our cats do this.

They kept jumping up on the four drawer filing cabinet so we gave in...cleared everything off and placed a cozy towel up there. they both love to go up there for naps...it's especially cute when they are up there together.

they do enjoy cuddling up on there beds on the floor so i guess it depends on what mood they're in.
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Ours prefer to nap on top of something too. Sparky usually sleeps on the bed, Blackie on the top of the wall unit, and Fred on one of the still-packed boxes from moving. They all nap on the footboard of my bed sometimes, it's about 6" wide. I've noticed, they also choose places that are rather warm, and hot air rises.
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Does - he sleeps on my bureau - but I think it's because he's new:tounge2: What a wooosssieee...... The lady at the shelter said that cats like to be up high so they can see everything.
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