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Yay! My new cat condo!

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My cat condo came today! I got if from Armarkat Cat Furniture on Ebay. Seems like a pretty good buy for the price I paid! Alex likes it, but Cleo's not sure what to make of it yet.

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Hey, pretty cool! Your kitty seems to have no doubt as to who belongs on the top perch.
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It is awesome!!! I bought 2 Cat Trees from the same person off ebay and my babies love them!!!
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wow! looks fun.. I know my boys would love that!
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Wow, nice!
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Already getting use I see!
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May I ask how much something like that costs?
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Awesome!! I got two from them too!!!
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I would love to get Tiger a cat condo, but for now I guess he will have to stick to using my entertainment center and the top of my closet
I had to actually take all my good clothes that I usually hang up like my silk dresses, my dress suits and good blouses over to my moms because Tiger would use them to climb to the top of the closet with
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I'm jealous. Armakat won't ship to my location since it's outside the continental US. The price for a cat condo here is ridiculous (not to mention not much selection.) :-(

Enjoy it--they have some great looking cat condos!
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This person on EBAY is awesome.........your cat condo is HUGE!! I LOVE it. I got a smaller four level one and my Stormy LOVES it. She is always sleeping inside it or on the third level. Im thinking about getting another one for our third floor at night time.
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Looks great. I love how Alex looks up there!
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Alex has seized control of his new cat condo.
I love it. Neat condo.
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I wish I had room for something like that, Harley would love it!
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holy moly thats a big condo almost reaches the sky i love it
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Alex certainly seems to know whom the cat condo is for?

He just looks so relaxed and regal on his "throne" there -- oh yes, and irresistably adorable, too

I'm curious how much that luxury cat condo cost, too. I already have two in my 850 square apt., so I don't think I could fit in another one, but I can still plan for when I might have more space...
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no more telling me where i can buy cat im bidding on a cat condo on ebay....
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I'm waiting for my Armarkat condo to arrive. It's 77" tall and has a rope ladder and everything. It cost me 92 dollars...that's including the shipping. The condo itself only cost me 18.54. So even with shipping, its still a third or a fourth of the price I'd have to pay getting something similar from PetSmart or somewhere.

We're excited! I plan on getting a second one two in a month or so.
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I looked at the page on Ebay where armakat sells these.

How much did you actually pay for it before shipping costs?
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Originally Posted by pjk5900
I looked at the page on Ebay where armakat sells these.

How much did you actually pay for it before shipping costs?
could you give me the web site for that?
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I bid $40 for the condo, and the shipping cost was an additional $63. It's a really good buy considering the hefty price tag of cat furniture in pet stores. You can find Armarkat products on ebay. They also have a website,, I think. You're better off bidding on ebay though, to avoid paying full price. It shipped quickly too, I bought it on Friday and it got here Tuesday.
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