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Cat In The Box

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As I'm sitting at the computer reading all the new posts I hear a scratching noise. I turn around and low-and-behold Misty is playing in the lid of one of our packing boxes. She is apparently playing with the showdow that falls in the corner of the lid.

Isn't it wonderful that cats can be happy with just a box lid? Now she is eating. I think she knows I'm typing about her and wants to appear non-chalont (that isn't spelt right). :laughing:

Ni is also behind be sitting on on their scratch post. Oh not anymore Misty just chased her off. they are having a staring contest. lol I'll have to wait to see who wins. Misty won. Ni flinched first and charged Misty. Now Misty is stalking Ni.

This could go on the whole night. They sometimes do that. Chasing each other and taking turns. Now it's another staring contest.
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They both sound soooo cute! What would we do without our little kitties?
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I love the fact that cats are endlessly entertaining. You would think that with 5 - I would always have one awake to entertain me, but they all like to nap at the same time. Well - I guess TV is good to watch too - not as entertaining.
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