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Two cats, many problems..

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I adopted two flame point siameze kittens a few weeks ago. I work at a Marina and we sent a bunch of supplies and equipment to help Katrina victims. One of the truck drivers brought back a box full of kittens from a petstore owner who said they would die if they didnt get the proper food and treatment. We were able to find homes for all of the kittens but two. They got homes but came back because the girl ended up being alergic to the kittens. All was well till I adopted them and took on what seems to be a parent roll.

I'm a college student, and I haven't had any pets since I left home. I figured id take these two critters to my apartment. They are fixed and have had shots, one seems a little more inteligent than the other. The one who I named "Red" because I got him with a red colar (original, eh?) He seems more aggressive and smarter. When I feed them even thogh they both have thier own bowls Red runs over to blues bowl and smacks him in the face then puts his paw in the bowl and eats it like a dog. Flipping the bowl over. When they play fight, blue is always crying as if hes getting annoyed or hurt, and red is always on top.. the aggressor. Thats not the worst part though, blue... He has the most ANNOYING meow. I look at him and he just goes MEEEOWWW. He meows if theres no water, he meows if there is no food. He meows if I look at him. He meows when I'm sleeping. He meows when I come home. He meows when im talking on the phone. My friends have even asked me if the cat comes with an on/off switch. I can handle all this, the only thing I <b>cannot handle</b> is the licking. I swear I wrap myself in what seems to be a cocoon at night to protect myself from the licking. I sleep with a pillow over my head, and im wrapped in sheets / blanket so blue cannot lick my face. The other problem is it bites the hell out of my feet. I pick him up and put him on the floor, I move him I haven't gotten a decent night sleep since I adopted these two and I am pondering if I should post them for adoption somewhere. They are 4 months old, and the only time they are behaved is when they are sleeping. If I seperate them or put them in another room, (I have a 3 bedroom townhouse and no one is here but me, They are free to roam the whole place and they insist on sitting in my room. a 15x15 square. I got them toys, cat nip, the only thing I am shy of is a squirt bottle full of water so they behave........ PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!
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They are Siamese....they meow.....a lot.
Not sure about the licking thing. The play fighting is will want to be alpha. They'll settle it on their own.
What you describe is pretty typical kitten behavior.
They want to be near're a comfort for them...what's wrong with that?
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First of all welcome to the boards. Second, Siamese are talkers, they are smart, and they talk all the time. These kittens are more than likely more needy than most, having survived God knows what during the hurricane? By rights, if they are hurricane survivors they need someone to care for them that are there most of the day for them until they get over the anxiety they must be carrying. You are their savior, they will be following you, licking you, talking to you they are in essence "thanking you" for saving them.

You can try the feliway comfort zone room diffusers and burn a couple of those in your place. Also visit and go to their second website Spritual Essence and look to the rescue remedies to help your cats for awhile.

If all this fails contact Siamese Rescue and talk to them about these kittens. Be sure and let them know that these are hurricane kitties, my guess is a home will open up quickly for both of them.

Whereabouts in Florida are you? Perhaps one of our members near you will be happy to help you out and adopt these two-
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I love them dearly and don't want to give them up, but the licking.. I can't sleep with that.. Its annoying and obnoxious. I need to figure out how to stop it. My friend told me to rub bitter apple on my face when I go to sleep at night so he wont lick me.

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It sounds like rather normal kitten behavior to me. Stick around on these boards, you will find little pointers to help you deal with these behaviors.

I had a siamese mix once, and he was a real talker. Maybe you could set aside a real playtime every night, for about a half hour. Use the feather toys, etc, whatever will tire them out. Then 30-60 minutes after playtime is over, is when you go to bed. Hopefully they will begin to learn the routine. Also, allow a licking time every night, before you cocoon. Blue is just grooming you, like when you pet him. Just pet him and hug him and love him.

If they are as smart as they seem, you can teach them tricks to impress your friends. Look at Blue and say, "Can you say Katrina?" When he meows at you, your friends will think he said it.

To me, four months is about the worst age, and the best age. Their energy level is so high, and they are into EVERYTHING! And yet they are so cute, and affectionate. Think of them as two year olds, this will pass.
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Your names remind me a little of dh when we met. He had a cat named "Black". I asked him if he would name our children "boy" and "girl"!

Your pic is real cute, but too big to see. Can you resize it? Otherwise it will be deleted by a moderator!
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo
Your names remind me a little of dh when we met. He had a cat named "Black". I asked him if he would name our children "boy" and "girl"!

Your pic is real cute, but too big to see. Can you resize it? Otherwise it will be deleted by a moderator!
I threaten my mom all the time she is going to have a grand child named "Boy".

It could be worse, thier names were thing 1 and thing 2 until my gf told me she would never talked to me if i refered to any animal as "thing". She complied with red / blue. Just wait till I have kids..
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Well, I have been known to call my two older kids Thing One and Thing Two. I see nothing wrong with that at all!
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I am involved with Siamese Rescue and have to ditto what Hissy told you - these are Siamese babies. They talk and talk andf talk - it is what Siamese do!! <g>

As for the licking, my YY licks me too but it does not bother me. She is 1 yr old and has adjusted to my schedule tho the first few weeks were like any time with a new baby - which is why I took time off when she arrived. She had just left her feline mama and needed me!! Thse babies prob need you even more given what trauma they have experienced. I hate the idea of putting something they dislike on your face but I would just discourage their behaviour it is one you dislike. With YY, it is a sign of enderament on her part and may well be for these guys too - they are happy to be with you and feel safe finally!!

I would play with them to tired them out so they sleep well and thus won't be waking you up ealy. YY meows ALL the time and that is just part of her Siamese ancestry. It comes with the breed.

Siamese are very smart and very high energy so you need to be on top of them all the time in the early days - in the sense of teaching them what is right and what is a no no. When they kiss you, you could do what their mama would have done and hiss very loudly at them - send them a message that you do not like it. Also remove them at the same time from your bed or whatever part of your body they are on. They will be confused at first because some kittens like to lick but they will soon figure out if they lick, they don't get your attention.

They are adorable babies and need lots of extra love right now! They are flame point meezers. And cute ones too!!!
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My you are so lucky to have these babies. I think Hissy is probably right and they need a lot of comforting right now because heaven knows what they've been through. I'm no expert but I would suggest just hanging in there for a bit and I think they may settle after they feel more comfortable with you and their surroundings.

Bijou is a pretty independent fellow in some ways, but he really needs his mommy (me). Every night before bed he suckles my neck, knead and purrs and then settles with his head on my pillow, covered up to the neck with my blankets and often licks my nose and eyelids (the eyelid thing is very uncomfortable) but I move away and he settles in with my arm around him.

PS - give them lots of love!
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When Spock was a big kitten he drove me nuts also. He attacked my legs if I moved. He climbed me. He attacked my feet at night. His worst habit was trying to jump over candles when they were lit.
When he got to be a young cat, all that stopped, and he got fat and lazy.
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These kittens are adorable. They really needed a good home. If you can't get the licking to stop, could they sleep somewhere else besides in bed with you.
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Awwwww members here would love to have what you have with your babies Enjoy it!
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One of my kitties is a licker at night. I don't mind it that much but I push him away a bit once I really can't stand it. I put my hand near his face and invite him to lick that. He gets bored after awhile and falls asleep. He used to very persistent as a kitten and it was more like sucking. He used to do it all the time but seems to have grown out of it a bit- I'd say we're down to twice a week. I would also try chaning your bath products or perfume. Maybe you use something he likes!
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I know what you mean about the licking, I have three cat's and two of them are that same way. Trigger is a gray Tabby and the only male in the house, he moew's at everything, I swear! lol I can walk into the kitchen in the morning and know without looking what he want's. It's usually food. He also reminds me if I haven't cleaned the litterbox that day, lol. He's so picky! lol. But Trinity is the worst licker. She is a Calico I got from My Grandparent's house and if she decides in the middle of the night she want's attention she will stand on my chest and lick the tip of my nose until I wake up and pett her, it's so cute!!! lol Good luck with the kitten's, they will mellow out some, ut it's their way of showing they care.
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So I read some info on the forums and as far as wearing them out it has worked. Last night, I slept! I didn't get licked, nor did I get woken up from them running around the room chasing one another.

If anyone ever has the problems I have had these might work..
I just thought of what I do when I watch my sisters kids. I play with them ALL day long and push them till they drop.. at night when its time for bed, they dont fight.. they pass out watching tv.. so I just took that and applied it towards the kitties..

I had to go to walmart to buy cat litter and as I was walking through the isle I saw this jungle gym looking thing.. a cat post? I didn't want to spend the 50 bux they were selling it for.. and I had to go to the electronics dept. to buy a new xbox controller..

I got a laser pointer.. Was $8.99 I remember my friends cat going nuts chasing this little dot around the walls. I have stairs and turning out the lights around the area so they could see it better.. man.. making these cats run up and down the stairs + around the living room was so funny for me and tiring for them. They tried soooooo hard to get the laser dot, yet I kept moving as soon as they pounced on it. They were so tired last night they didnt bother me. Tonight when I got home from work, the girlfriend had papers to write so I had time to myself before she got home and could complain about the mess I made (nag, nag, nag) I built my own cat jungle gym thingy from spare parts today at work I collected around the warehouse + shops. When the fedex man delivered something in this giant tube I stole the tube.. They LOVE running inside of it, one stands on top of it and pretty much smacks the other as it comes out.. Everytime they try to sleep tonight i've woken them up with some kind of a toy or action.

I've been trying to toilet train them, and ive gotten pretty far with them, last night I took the litter box out of the toilet so my girlfriend could use the bathroom, and well..... Around 3am I woke up to a scream and EW EW EW OMG OMG OMG I got up and........ She had stepped in the litter box.. bare foot. I was more worried about my white carpet than I was her foot.. Ill edit later with pictures...
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