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Stormys really sweet

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Well this is how Stormy decided to take her nap.....on my 9 year olds chest. So in love are they.......

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Aww that's two little cuties you have there!
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Awwww, those are such sweet pics!!!
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In my house , we refer to that as the Ocelot Belly pose
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Kids are cute, Cats are cute, but together their AWESOME!!
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I LOVE that spotted belly! cute daughter too! match made in heaven those two are!
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They are as sweet as can be.Your daughter is adorable.
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How adorable!!!
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Oh my goodness!, thats how Sophie used to lie on me as a kitten, so precious
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What a sweet kitty-kitten!! (And you're little girl is a cutie, too!)
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Awww they are both sooo cute!! Stormy's little spotted belly looks just like Harley's!
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That is so sweet!!
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There Precious!
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Ive often wondered how they can be sooooooooo CUTE!!lol
I love it when I can get great pictures like that.
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Here she is again........stormy

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OOOOOOOOOH to have a kitten again...(dreams) light in weight and small teeny tiny..once they grow they are heavy and just pounce on your face to eat & wake you up! LMAO
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Well our sweet and laid back Stormy took a bit of skin off my almost 2 year olds face tonight. It wasent her fault.....of course lol But my 14 year old was holding kitty over her head on Stormys favorite sleeping spot...a soft pooh chair.......and I told her when she did that it wasent a good idea because if the other kids tried it they would get hurt. Sure enough not 5 minutes later we look over at Matthew trying to hold kitty over his head in the pooh chair....unfortunately for Matthew Stormy thought Matthews head made a great batting toy.....Yikes...... and scratched from the eyelid of one eye all the way down to the chin. Of course Matthew freaked But hopefully he has learned his lesson and his big sister Feels TERRIBLE
Im sure we will have many more lessons to learn as we go along but hopefully none as severe as this one.......
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Cute kid, cute cat. They are adorable.
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