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Licking Lips?

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One of my new foster cats (adult 9 yrs. old) keeps licking his lips constantly. I read somewhere this might be a sign of anxiety?? He has only been with me since Saturday but I figured I would ask you guys if you know why he would be doing this. He is eating and drinking. Could this be a serious problem possibly? He was at the vets office last Friday getting a check-up, shots, fecals, the works before being turned in to me. Opinions??
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Licking lips can be a sign of nausea as well. I would give him some plain yogurt with active cultures and see if that calms it down a bit. I would also look in the corners for some (sorry) but some old vomit. He is likely vomiting. You will probably only see stains because cats eat what they toss (usually)
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Thanks I will definetly check that and pick up some yogurt this evening!
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A sick tummy was my thought as well, my cats usually lick their lips before they throw up.
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I do agree with the above, but it may be harmlessly also. Our younger boy when still fertile young man, did often licked lips - usually in context of soundless meowing(?!). He is neutered now since a year. Never doing this any longer. And he meows much much lesser than he did as fertile.
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