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My cat ate some fish food, will she be ok?

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My kitty's name is Tiggs and she is almost two years old. She is a little rascal and gets into everything. Anyways, I used to have fish and they died before I got Tiggs but I kept the fish bowl, beads, and extra fish food, in case I decide to get more, and I had these items on a very high shelf in my bedroom. Well the other day I came home and Tiggs had smashed the fish bowl onto the ground and had played with the fish food all the way down the stairs and into the kitchen where she somehow unscrewed the plastic bottle and had eaten some of the fish food. Is the fish food going to make her sick in any way? Are there any signs or symptoms that I should look out for? If anyone knows anything please write back on this forum or write me an e-mail at sydney_marie@hotmail.com. Thank you so much.
Ciao, Cat_Lover
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what's in the fish food? i'm looking at my betta food, & the ingredients in it seem ok. it would depend on what was in yours.
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My cat ate our goldfish food once. She managed to get the lid off and she was fine. No symptoms, no sickness, nothing. I was surprised cos the she had eaten the whole lot!!! She was about 2 at the time and she's now a healthy 8year old. So if this is the same food i think your kitty will be fine too.

Usually if cats eat something their somaches diasagree with they'll bring it back up. So try not to worry.
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most fish foods are made from fish-- thats why cats seem to like them soo much-- i know i have to keep ours in a cabinet with 2 kinds of child locks on them to keep Peanut Butter out of it.
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Ollie usually picks up any little bits of fish food that fall on the floor when I fill my automatic feeder on my tank... I figured if it's safe enough for my fish a teeny bit accidentally now and then isn't gonna hurt him.... he goes more crazy over the scent of fish food than catnip... it's never hurt him!
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I dont understand why it should be dangerous for cats. If they cant take the change of food - which happens they cant - they get some diarrhea. That should be all.

Mind you. Im not saying fish food is first rate food for cats. But dangerous?? I would be surprised. - Perhaps if they getting old and stale. But a cat would probably know and refuse. A dog would it...

As far I know, most fish food is made of pretty small water-animals, = zoo-plankton.

But of course, if you are worry - watch out. One shall rely on instincts and gut feeling.
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It should not be harmful at all. The worst that would be likely to happen is a bit of a tummyache. Fish food is made mostly of fish (which seems really gross to me!), so it's not actually going to hurt a cat.
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