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Help for my Genetics lab

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Hi guys! I'm hoping that the TCS crew can come to my rescue here. My lab is doing a lecture on cat genetics tomorrow afternoon, and I'd like to see if you guys can provide me some pictures. My poor students have a big test tomorrow morning, and then a quiz in my class. I know they're going to be so tired, and the cat genetics lecture is a looong one. So I'm hoping to put some amusing pictures up for them as examples of cats so that they can at least get a laugh out of them. There are pictures already in the lecture, but they're rather boring.

If you don't mind your cats being in the slides, could you please post a picture of them for me in this thread, along with their names? Thanks in advance, you guys are great, and I know my students will appreciate it! Its a long list, I think you'll see what I mean by a lengthy lecture!

I'm looking for pictures of:

Brown tabby (preferably a really cute kitten!)
Black cat
Havana brown
Brown mackeral tabby
Classic or blotched tabby
Abyssinian tabby
Orange cat, no white
Tortoiseshell cat
Calico cat
Orange and white cat
Tortie cat with tabby striping in orange
British or Russian blue
Silver tabby
Siamese or other pointed cat
Black cat with no white spots
Cat with some white spots, less than half of body
Cat with large white posts, more than half of body
White cat (can someone with a two-eye colored cat donate a picture please?)
A white cat and a black cat
A blue-eyed white cat (please let me know if he/she is deaf)
Any cat with a long tail
Cat with short fur
Cat with long fur
Polydactyl cat (picture of toes would be great too!)
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Originally Posted by Sandtigress
Brown mackeral tabby

Calico cat

Cat with large white posts, more than half of body

Cat with short fur
Cable is actually more black than brown, IMO, but she is a mackeral
kitten pic
adult pics

Java is a calico, & also has white on more that half of her body

Pixel is a shorthair (they all are) & has white on less than half of her body - she also has an unusual skunk stripe

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How about a polydactyl calico?

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Any cat with a long tail

Dexter eating dinner with his sister. He has a very long tail.
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Here's some real genetics - Mom and baby

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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
How about a polydactyl calico?
she was so beautiful!
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Originally Posted by laureen227
she was so beautiful!
Thanks! She was my little sweetheart.
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Here's your spotted brown tabby
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Here's a black cat with no white on him, playing on the bed. Trent.

And here's a young Ophelia, for "Cat with large white posts, more than half of body" (If this is what you meant. )

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Hope these may help.
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Here's Sam with his lovely long haired mane.

And Bailey the orange cat

Here's a better photo of Bailey - ginger tabby.

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What...no naked kitties??? Here is a blue eyed cat and no he is not deaf.
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PM kluchetta and CJ&Billy - each has am odd eyed white cat. One is deaf the other isn't!

Here's the tip of Ari's 14 inch long tail... I've yet to get a good full pic of my whtie tornado. BTW - his mother is angora, daddy neighborhood tom.
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Here is my CJ at about 8 months

And here he was when he was about 4 months

He is a brown tabby.
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Here's my Nala, a tortoiseshell:

Here's Chester, mostly white (more than half of his body):

My little Ariel, both white and polydactyl!

And, because I can't leave poor Piper out (short haired!):

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Here's a long haired cat

2 pointed cats of no particular breeds, one short haired (single coat), one medium haired (single coat) NOT RELATED
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Loving the pictures! Thanks! Do you guys have any that the kids can have a laugh at?
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Not sure if these are funny but maybe interesting?


Ginger Meggs:



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And these 5 are all from the same litter:




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All one litter, 5 tabbies and a black:

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Sisters, Tabatha and Sooty. Tabatha is a Tortoiseshell-Tabby cross - a Torbie

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Here's our black cat Asha (RIP)

Here he is all stetched out on the floor

and here he is letting us know who exactly is master of the couch and remotes!!!!
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Ernesto, semilonghaired brown tabby with white:

Ernesto and his sister Mimosa (look, matching white paws) a great example of recessives:

I didn't see any Aby's yet, Flynn is a Somali, 4 months old so his ticking needs to come in a bit more:

This pic is not particularly funny but shows his black paws and tailtip, tabby face and ticking:

Hunting the guppy:

Hunting a flash animation:

Two different tabby faces:

Mimosa making a face (she was nibbling a bit of duck):

Or you can take a peek in my photobucket album:
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Ok here is one just for amusement purposes.
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He're a Turkish Van (now there's genetics!) so longhair/orange & white/long tail


Dilute Tortie

Silver Tabby
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Thanks guys, these are great! I'm putting the powerpoint together right now, so any last minute entries would be great!
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Pardon Molly's but, It's just the best shot of her stripes lol.
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Here's some cute and funny pics for u to share.

Buddy- all black

Tango-orange/white cat

Zebra- Black/white cat with Pepper (another black/white cat) in the background.

Pepper- black/white

Pepper and Zebra together-

Spike- all black with a bit of white on chest and belly.

You can see more of the white on his chest in this pic.
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Rusty- calico long haired female cat

Callie- DARK calico short haired female feral

Willow- Tuxedo feral

Sammy- orange cat
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