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Can anyone tell me how to get icons or pictures to appear with my siganature? I tried typing the words in for the icons, but that didn't work.
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Sarah - I did mine just the other day... and you know what... I can't remember!!! hahaha... I'll go have a looky and see if I can remember for ya!!
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It worked really well when I typed the smilie codes in for mine... ...and God only knows how Bodlover managed to put hers in!!! Forgetful isn't she?
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Hey watch it Lor.... uh.... yeah you!!! hahaha As it happens.... I HAVE remembered how to do it!! SO THERE!! :tounge2: hee hee

Sarah, you go into "User CP" (little box at the top of the page)then click on "Edit Profile" there is a box on that page that will say "signature" and a space to write in.... type in waht you want, then to the left the word "smilies" is in blue, click on that and you can add smilies to your signature just like you would when you post!! Hope that helps!!
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Hahahahahaha!!!! Bodlover--I just couldn't resist!!!
Oh YUCK!!! Now it's time to go to work!!!! Why can't it be Saturday, why does it have to be ONLY Wednesday??????
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YUCK is right Lorie!! Sheesh... Im sure it must be at least Friday by now right?!?!? I have a migraine and I want to go HOME!!! NOW!!! Waaaaaaaa Im sat here with my eyes closed my heads hurting so much!!
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Thanks Rhea! You're a doll! I figured it out...I just wasn't putting the colons before the icons.
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