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Max: He passed on in July. He was given to me by another family and we did not change his name since he was about 16 mos old.

Speedboat: I tried to name him Simba. My husband called him Speedboat because he ran through the house full speed all the time. That is the name that stuck.

Muffin: My husband went fishing one day. He came home with no fish and a cat that was at the boat landing. He was such a little fluff ball, I just thought Muffin was appropriate for him.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
Vash - named after one of our favorite anime characters
That's funny... we were trying to pick between Vash (from the anime) and Gus (a poker player). So we let him "pick" his name and he always went towards Gus. Gus reminds me of the little mouse on Cinderella. That was my favorite character from that movie.
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Kandie Apple Kane /// I wanted to name her cookie cause the slight calico markings on head and tail reminded me of an oatmeal raisin cookie, but cookie was what we called the dogs treats... so Kandie it was... then I wanted Kandie Apple and mom wanted Kandie Kane so Kandie Apple Kane it became... Funny since she is a primadonna and not all the sweet...

Zoey Woey... Zoey was supposed to be chole but cleo kept coming out , cleo was a friends deceased cat so no go ... Zoey fit and the woey part is well she is a handful and so was Joey Woey my german shepard...
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Diesel - Because was fiance was allowed to name him and wanted to make it something to do with cars - So he is named after a fuel!!

Portia - Because its a name I love from Shakespeare, and its a car!! I had to keep with the flow!!
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The Sammycat got his name when he got his foot hung in the couch. He reminded me of the old children's tale "Little Black Sambo". Well to be politicaly correct and not to offend anyone who might hear his name in the vet's office I change it from Sambo to The Sammycat.

Now Oscar.....dear sweet Oscar, He got his name after "Oscar the Grouch". When my hubby brought him home he was a pitiful spitting, snarling mess. He was so weak that he couldn't even bite through anything, but he was hissing and spitting. I called him "Oscar the Grouch" and the name stuck.
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Nacho - my bbrothers girlfriend named him.. I am not quite sure why she named him this.. but it suits him quite well!

Orion - He was named after the constellation. But now that we have him, and not my brother I say its after the greek god, who is the constellation, but.. anyway xD

Gordito - his name means 'short fat one' I believe in Spanish.. and when we na,ed him, he was just that.

Poptart - my sister alwasy wanted to naem a foster kitten Poptart.. and then she just named him it.. I wanted to name him Smear, because of the smear on his nose. but I think Poptart suits him much better.

We have 3 animals named after foods, Nacho, Poptart, and Kiwi(bird)
and then two after greek gods. Orion and Apollo, my dog =)
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Jasper he was named after a kitty I had as a child the first Jasper was a Red Point Siomes and Jasper is a Ginger & White Moggy but he reminded me of Jasper so thats how he got his name
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Bonnie.... She is the twin to Clyde who has gone over the rainbow bridge. I wanted names the complemented each other

Sissy.. My hubby wanted to call her Sister because she came with a twin. We compremized on the name.

Buddy .., Originally hubby wanted to name him Brother for same reason as Sissy's. I nixed the idea. I named him Buddy because he loves to cuddle in the morning.

Now the kittens..

Stinker... My hubby's name for one little girl. She is a little stinker.. LOL

Princess... The littlest girl. She is my princess

Scamper... The only boy and got his name because he scampers around playing all the time

Over the rainbow bridge is Clyde and Kiki, who died last year of kidney failure at the age of 20. Kiki's name was derived from the word kitty.. She was my sweetie that was a feral cat. By the time she died, you never could have told that she was a feral. She was totally tame and did not like to go outdoors.
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Max and Alfie - no deep reason, just liked the names
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Tigger, coz when he was born the people named all the kittens, so it didnt feel right changing his name. (i wanted to call him Gizmo) hehehe. But my mum wouldnt let me.

My auntie got one of his sisters her name was originally Melanie, but they changed it to Bunty.
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Tiger, well, my 7 yr old named him lol... funny thing is, when he was born he was the one out of the litter I was least likely to keep. Anytime you picked him up, he would just about scream. He wasn't very affectionate at all but turned out to be the sweetest most loving cat I have ever had!
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Pepper - I didn't want to name her typical black cat names so I looked up black in the dictonary and thesaurs (sp?) and we settled on Pepper cuz it was "different" and it suits cuz Pepper surely is "different"

Pixie - Got her name cuz she does NOT stop moving. She's constantly moving from one place to another, kinda like a pixie would.
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K.C. = Kitty Cat. She's teeny tiny, itty bitty.

Dusty = she looks like a walking dustmop.

Snickers = as a kitten, he had al the colors of a Snickers bar; dark chocolate, nougat, & caramel. Plus he's nutty & sweet.

Zorro = he wears a mask! Plus he was born in Summer '98, when "The Mask of Zorro" was popular.

Hammie = short for "Hamtaro". Hamtaro is an orange-n-white, adventurous & curious Hamster on Cartoon Network.

Miss Jessie = named for a song I like that no one else seems to have ever heard of.

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Eponine and Cosette. They are rivals in the book and play "Les Miserables." In the story, Eponine is a poor street girl (well, she was rich when she was a little girl, but her parents lost their money and became homeless) who is best friends with and in love with a boy named Marius. But, Marius takes one look at Cosette (a privileged young girl) and falls instantly in love. Marius and Cosette use Eponine to deliver messages to one another and Eponine sings a beautiful song called "On My Own" about her unrequited love for Marius (I think all of us gals have been Eponines at one point in our lives). In the end, Eponine is shot and dies in Marius' arms. I am tearing up right now just thinking about how much of an impact that story has had on my life, just like my little girls .
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Bumper for the fact that we got him when he hitched a ride home in the bumper of our truck and he bumps into walls when chasing imaginary evils from the room

Magnum is named after Magnum P.I. because he is really nosy and investigates everything.

Boomer has a booming meow.

Scully was already named when we got him (after the x-files character)
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Athena - Named for the goddess of wisdom because she has big owl eyes
Jasper- Started out as Jester, but for some reason transformed into Jasper and just stuck.
Oliver-He reminded me of the cat in Oliver and Co...though now he reminds me more of Morris or Garfield.
Min- short for Minerva. Also, I called her 'Mini-Thee' because she looked like a miniature version of Athena (also known as Theenee)
Aslan-I wanted a noble name for my Bengal, and I love the Chronicles of Narnia
Izzy-the little black former foster that now looks to stay for good. He got his name because 'Izzy mine? Izzy gonna find a new home? Izzy staying? Izzy going?'
Dash-Izzy's brother. Named for the little dash of white on his forehead.
Tsali-It means rainbow in some african language, I can never remember which. It's also a character in a old Native American legend. Named her this because she's a tortiseshell and many colors
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My first cat and the one that taught me everything good an wonderful about cats was named Ted. His nickname, however, was Mr. Fuzzypants. He got this because he had to have blood drawn and they needed to shave one of his paws. He was very embarrassed and always tried to cover it up, until I gave him a more "sophisticated" type name. Then he let it hang out.

The two girls I live with now are both rescues.

The calico colored one is named Rogue. Because she was a street cat. And very much a rogue. (not to mention the fact that my husband liked the x-men).

The other is named Zora. She's got one black eye. One white eye and well, it's just the female version of zorro.

Of course they both have numerous nicknames.
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My first and only cat is Moss. He is a rescue cat and came with his name. We kept it cos it really suits him and I think it's quite unique
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Lucifer is named as such because of the devilish, horned look the curly ears give him, and because of his reddish-orange color.

...And also because he's a bit of a brat. But don't tell him I said that.
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Bob - named after the man who found him. His middle name is Mitchell, as I'm a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and that's Joel's last episode.

Freckles - had his name when I adopted him, but I asked my co-worker who gave him to me about it. He's orange-brown, and when he was kitten all curled up he just looked like a freckle.
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Katie - my favorite name for a little girl and Katie was my first
Gracie - saw a definition of the word Grace as "the gift of God's love for us," which reflects how I feel about her.
Peter - named for one of my favorite male saints. (There's also St. Francis), but looked more like a Pete than a Frank
My foster baby, Jessie - was originally named Jerry before we got a good look underneath. "Geri" didn't seem to fit, and I wanted to keep with the "J" theme (her mom is Jasmine and brother is Jimmy)
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HHAHAH i'm cracking up at Doofus! I love it!

I've had a cat since I can remember. My first cat...was grey my sisters named him in Spanish. LOL

My 2nd really kitty I got him as a kittin..he was white& black. I thought of Sylvester..then said NO everyone has that name. Then I thought long and hard…Sylvestd Stallone…then ROCKY stayed w/him ever since. RIP my lil guy.

My 3rd real cat was adopted him & he lived a great 10yrs…but he was already names and I didn’t’ eant to confuse him and change it he nema eas “ready� TINKER! Yeah poor kid LOL RIP lil man.

Maggie my girl….was named also already when she was giving back to me. Her owner my co-worker liked a news anchor here where I live named Maggie….so that’s how she got her name!

Smokey…well he’s dark gray and its from a movie Friday..hahah if you’ve seen the move you’ll know why I love this character. Crack up!

Simon…well…he’s part Siamese and Simon came close to his breed! LOL
I should have called him “cross eyes Chris†come to think of it? That’s my BOY~

Willie…simple again I adopted him from my sister that couldn’t’ have cats at the time in her apt. yet she’s in a new house and I still have him? Well if you ever seen “Ghost†the movie…Willie Lopez is the bad guy....that’s where Willie got his name from.

Lolo….haha thought he was a she names her LOLA like the Berry Manilo song “her name was lola she was a show girl†just loved that name…too HIM to the vet….yep she’s as HE . So I had to change a letter here and there came up w/LOLO. Good thing I had my Japanese/Hawaiian friend w/me she told me LOLO means crazy in Hawaiian…which suited him PUUURRRFECT!
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Toby was named by my hubby. (I would have called him Rowdy!)
Tedy`s name just sounded cute with Toby....but I`m not sure it was such a good idea, as i`m constantly confusing thier names.
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Very nice names so far!

My cats are named

Laura: that's what they called her at the animal shelter and we call her that when she's been naughty or doesn't listen. The rest of the time she is our little "mouse", "dust bunny" (cause she sneaks in all the dusty places and on her black fur you see every bit of dust!! ) and also "rocket" or "the black devil" since she runs around the place at an incredible speed, most of the time you just see a blur and she's gone which can be quite scary!!!

Carter : He used to be a stray at my parents' house and since we had two females, we referred to him as "der Kater" which is German for "tom or male cat". When I took him to live with me and my BF, we thought of a different name to fill in at the vet's and since he wouldn't listen to anything else, we just wrote the name to look more like a "real name", hence Carter
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My first cat was Sugarbabe! Don't know how I came up with that. He was a tabby we got from the ASPCA.

Now I have Maggie May and Jazz a Boo. Maggie after the Rod Stewart song, she gets me out of bed every morning and Jazz a Boo was originally Jazzer, but I changed it when I looked at her big eyes!
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Wow...there are some really original and creative names here. I don't fit in that category.

First there's Lucky (yes...the most unoriginal name! lol).
I found lucky when she was about 4 weeks old...she darted across the street...went between the tires of a car going at least 60km/h and went down into a ditch. From all I can figure is she had already travelled about a kilometer from the nearest barn. So when I told my family the story....everyone said "wow that's lucky" and it kinda stuck. But really she's my little princess....or monkey bum (due to her fuzzy tail and wiggly bum lol).

Rambo was a kitten at the shelter and he was the brute of the litter. When i saw him he was in the middle of a rowdy WWF wrestling match in the cage. I knew i had to take him. I figured he needed a really good friend suggest Mohammed Ali but that seemed like too much of a mouthful for a little guy. After much thinking and some crazy suggestions...i went home and called out Rambo...and he came running over (and tripped over his own paws lol). And it stuck. Silly rambo though is a complete lover and not a fighter. I call him my little lovebug. If anyone comes to visit and scratches the right spot on his head....he will gladly go home with them!! LOL
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