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Cat Tree Help

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I want to get a cat tree for my cats. I have looked at the ones that Petsmart has online and have gotten a couple of ideas of what I want. Their prices ranged from $120 - $145 for the ones I liked. Do any of you know a place that sells similar ones and sells them for less? I don't want to build one, but I wouldn't mind paying someone to build me one if that would cost less. I have seen people selling them at cat shows but I can't remember how much they were selling them for.

Also, what about the quality? Do any of you know about the quality of the ones that places like Petsmart sells?
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The quality between the major pet stores and the vendors at shows are much different. I have both and the ones I have gotten from the vendors have lasted much longer. Which ones were you looking at?
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I purchased a 7 foot cat tree with three shelfs that attaches to the ceiling for about $70.00 at Petco. I think Walmart also carries them for cheaper. Good luck
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I don't want the kind that you have to anchor to the ceiling because I live in a rent house and just can't do that. I have been looking at the free standing that are about 6 feet. I remember seeing these at the last cat show I went to but I cant remember any prices so I don't know if they are cheaper than the ones at Petsmart or not. I will try a search on the internet to see if I can find some vendors too get an idea on price. Since Sandie said the quality of theirs is better than Petsmart I may just go with a vendor even if they charge a little bit more. Gotta have the best for my babies!
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I live in an apartment (rented, of course) and because space is at a premium, I have a homemade version of the KatWallks in my sunroom for the cats to run around on. Ours are slightly wider than the ones offered on the site. This was a better alternative than the cat trees I could find, and the cats love them just fine.
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There are 3 vendors that I know of. One, I don't know if he has a website but he is a TICA vendor. The other one is at www.cattrees.com and the other is www.arubacat.com, however I think his site is under construction.
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Thanks Sandie. During my search I noticed a link for e-bay. I checked it out and some of them are really neat and very reasonably priced based on the bids so far. The idea does make me a little nervous though.
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I'm not being prejudice or anything but www.cattrees.com is my dad's trees. I swear by them and have even brought some of the smaller trees back to Vegas as my friends here fell in love with them and they last (I was able to bring some of the smaller ones under the plane). He also UPSs if need be. The one I have now has lasted over 4 years and since there are more cats now, when we move back, I will have the bigger tree in my new house. They are very sturdy and my cats absolutely love them. I do like the smaller trees for under the window as I think they are a purrrfect height for them to look out the window. Good luck.

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Wow! I need to see if we have a Costco around here!
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I bought this one at Costco for $80!

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Oh my gosh! I'd kill for one like that! The cheapest I have seen one that size is $200! We don't have Costco here yet. I hear that we will but I don't know when.
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that thing is awesome! My cats would love that...hmmm....I have -80 in my checking account.....I don't have to eat for another day or so.... :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Well, now that hubby has seen the prices he says he would rather build one than for me to spend my money on one. I never thought of Cat Fancy. I'll go pick one up!
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I wanted to build one too...I thought, well, how hard can it be? But I never started, plus I have no experience with any sort of carpentry. I don't even own a saw. I might own a hammer, that was left behind by my in-laws at this house. So, when I saw that, it was like, 'WOW!'. My cats are soooo crazy about it!
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I would just use tree limbs or something and maybe tie them together w/twine - just in some mishmash kinda climby thing (safe, of course), LETS GO LADIES - USE YOUR IMAGINATION!:tounge2: Also you could get some 2x4's and just cut them into pieces (with a hand saw - yea work, but hey! you can say you built it yourself)and do something that way - cover it w/carpet reminents, etc...
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We have a few cat trees in the house...
we got the first one in the USA fro 70$ , but it didn't last long. we attached it to the wall like you do with book shelfs but gucci was playing too rough and he managed to take it out... here is how it used to be:

Then we got a smaller one here in Israel made of plastic:

it was expensive- about 180$

later on we got another one from wood and carpets, not too tall, but wide and stable:

it was about 80$

and the last one we got a few weeks ago, it's tall 1.85 meters, it attachs to the wall, and they love it!! the company that makes it is petsmate and I think they have a website.. it costs about 275$ here, but I'm sure it's cheaper in the USA

The best cat trees I have ever seen are Angilical cat ones, but they are expensive and they don't ship to Israel so I can only dream... Angelicalcat
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What terrific cat trees! And what beautiful kitties!!!

Also, your website is very nice. Those are some wonderful pictures of your cats.

You are right about the Angilical trees. They are heavenly, :angel2: I know my kitties would go nuts over those, but they are just too expensive.

I found a website that does custom cat trees, literally, out of real trees (dried and cured) and wood. It was environmentally safe, too. They used trees that had to be cut by the power company, forestry division, etc. The prices weren't too bad, either. Unfortunately, I didn't bookmark it and can't remember the addy.
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I picked mine up off of ebay, and had no issues at all. It was ~$150 (+$40 s&h). The build quality is good, however I cannot comment as to whether or not kittys like it. If all goes well, my bengal baby will be arriving on Friday, and i'll let you know if she likes it or not.

These are constantly offered on ebay by the seller I purchased mine from(mail@necocatfurniture.com), or you can buy them direct from the sellers website: http://www.necocatfurniture.com/neco...e/Page_1x.html
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