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My church is doing the neatest thing....

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My church is doing a series called "God on Broadway." Each week, the minister chooses a different play and uses the themes from that show in the sermon. Two weeks ago he did "Oklahoma" and this past Sunday was "Fiddler on the Roof." Each week, the choir sings songs from the shows (last Sunday, they came out doing a Jewish dance and singing "Tradition"- it was AMAZING!). For "Fiddler", they even had a professional fiddler come in and perform on the "roof" (balcony) and the minister and his wife (who both used to perform on Broadway) sang the duet "Do You Love Me?". It was beautiful!

Not sure if this is better for the Lounge, but since it involves religion, I figured I should put it in IMO.

Here is a link to the church's website:Asbury Memorial UMC You can even watch the sermons online. Check it out- it really is amazing! I can honestly say I've never been so pumped up about going to church!

PS- If you look in the gallery of pictures from the "Fiddler" sermon, you can see my backside 5th row down, 2nd picture- I'm the brunette in the bright green top.
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Amy, that sounds like a really cool church!
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That is a really great idea I also love your Church's slogan "Where the Joy of God is Expressed Creatively"
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Well, I must say that's a unique approach !
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A church near us did something similar for their teen program. They did an elaborate skit from a different movie each week for about 2 months. It was fascinating, and taught a lot of information. I attended one week with my oldest daughter, and really enjoyed it.
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Yeah, it is unique and definitely draws in the youth, which is a great thing.
On Halloween weekend, guess which show they're featuring? Yup- Jekyll and Hyde! I love it!
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I have to tell you about this past Sunday's sermon. The service this week was based on "A Chorus Line" and the sermon was called "The Big Audition."
4 members of the church went up front and you could hear the minister's voice (but not see him). He was supposedly auditioning each of them for a play.

Anyway, the show's "producer" (our minister) had each member talk candidly about their lives and what the church meant to them. One of the men talked about how he grew up in an abusive home and how the church was always a safe place for him.

What made the greatest impact was when one of the other men said that he is gay. He talked about how some congregations have treated him like a sinner, but how he always felt God's love and how happy he is to have found our congregation. I was so deeply moved and absolutely fell in love with my church for being so open-minded and accepting. That, to me, is what a church is all about. I could not have been prouder of Asbury that day. The creed for the Methodist Church is "Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors." I saw that creed exemplified in this week's sermon.

For a while, I was starting to turn away from my religion because I felt it was becoming too judgemental and, well, too conservative for my taste. But, I'm starting to regain faith in the church through these recent experiences and that is a really great feeling!
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