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Whats your favorite food?

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Mine is Shrimp with Feticcinni Alfredo. mmmmmmmmmm...mmmmmm
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mac and cheese by far. Or shrimp in shrimp sauce. MMMM
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Hard one! I love so many different kinds of food.. my favorite type of food is spicy.. but right now at this moment my fave food is Poutine! =D
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Spent 4 years in Italy as a kid and we learned how to make true
italian Calzone pizzas. So thats my favorite
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I can't decide whether my favorite is roast, or cheesy rice...its a toss up!
But then there is always chocolate....I will always love chocolate!
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today its fetta cheese, and zaziki
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uncle bens long grain wild rice-- OMG i love that stuff could eat it for every meal -- specially if i sautee some chicken breast and mushrooms in olive oil and chop them up and mix them in and then sprinkle parmesan cheese on it. YUMMM YUMMM we have a minimum of 5 boxes of Uncle Bens Long Grain Wild Rice in our pantry at all times-- usually twice that though
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So many foods to choose from... I think I'll go with, uh, fries! Or maybe macaroni and cheese... I don't know.
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My favourite food right now is pasta and garlic bread..
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Anything with mushrooms. lol But if I had to choose -- Chicken Marsala.
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Baked potatoes!
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I love fresh home made bread. Mmmm anytime, anywhere, yummy.
This is my favourite dessert: Hagen Daz ice cream with whipping cream drizzled liberally over top, then melted dark chocolate over top of that. A frozen piece of heaven!
Or if I can't be bothered making that - a white chocolate Lindt truffle. I put the whole thing in my mouth then slowly, slowy let it melt away on my tongue. Oh yummy! It's like each tastebud is having a little orgasm!

Hmmm.. no wonder I'm like this-
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Chocolate cheese cake!
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If it involves some sort of noodle...I love it. I also love tomatoes and tomato products. And waffles. And since going veg, the only thing I really, really, really miss is sushi and Japanese, although I love me some vegetable tempura, miso soup and udon noodles!!
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Definitly pork, ham and bacon!

Yes yes keep your pet pigs away from me!
post #17 of 18's kinda a toss up between Lasagna, Spaghetti and Fettuccine Alfredo... basically anything Italian
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chicken curry
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