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Winter Time Tent

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This may sound funny coming from AZ where we have had record heat this year, but it is October now and the nights are getting cool.

I decided to put up the Winter Tent early this year. One soft blanket goes on the floor of the porch, and I use the patio table and chairs to anchor it down. Then another soft blanket gets thrown over the table and fastened to the sides of the chairs.

This makes a nice little tent that keeps the wind out and makes a soft bed for the ferals. 15 minutes after I put it up, Junior was in it, sleeping. So I guess my babies remebered what it was for and have approved. If it becomes necessary later, I can add blankets. I have seen the entire family in the tent, all 7 or 8 of them, if they share with Tac.
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That is very kind of you to shelter those ferals

I bought a dog-house about 2 years ago for my colony. They use it all winter long and during heavy rain. Keep in mind, most cloth (blankets) absorb heat rather reflect it back to the animal...you may want to check this link out:


They sell mylar blankets & very inexpensive. Great way for the ferals to retain some heat during the colder months ahead.
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I tried the box/house/cardboard boxes, whatever for a long time. I even put the shipping peanuts in a pillow case and put that in a box for them to be warm and they wouldn't touch it.

I find at least in my family, just the plain blankets work best.
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