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Blood Work

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Toonces will be 9 in August and Patches & Buttons will be 8 in April. They all go to the vet for their yearly this April. From what I understand they are at that age when it is a good idea to have their first blood work-up done (being that they are entering their senior years) to make sure everything is normal. My question is....... what is the average price for a general blood work-up? I want to make sure that the vet doesn't take me for a ride if you know what I mean. All input would be appreciated.
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Where we live the blood work has cost between $90-135. I think there are different things that the lab can look for which changes the cost.

Just last week my Calico had a complete blood panel at $115. .. if I just wanted to check viruses like FIV and leukemia it would have been $40 (both prices do not include vet consult).

I walked into the vet's office thinking it would be a little thing and walked out $170 poorer with the blood, stool, & consult -- yikes!! but my kitties are worth it!
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From what I have seen, all vets have a different markup. The lab in NY charges about 40.00 for a complete blood count. This is cost, so whatever the vet tells you it is, whatever more it costs (give or take about 10.00) is what the difference is. I do know that they need to mark it up some, but some I have seen are totally out of the ball park.
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I paid $45.00 last year for bloodwork....although I cannot remember exactly what the tests were for. I believe it was a Felv test and something else.
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Well they were tested for FIV & Feluk when they were little and have always been indoor kitties. I was thinking along the lines of something like a general blood panel if there is even something like this. I can pay in the 40-80 range but anything above that I would really have to space it out between the three cats. Hopefully I can find someone that isn't going to charge a ridiculous price. I guess I'll just call around. It's nice to know what some of you have paid just to get an idea though.
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One of my kitties will be 9 in March, and I just had him in for his lower urinary tract disease. They did what they call a senior screen on him, checked his liver, kidneys, blood work, urine, and everything. It cost me 113.00 for that, and that did not include the office visit.
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That's not too bad for all the screening. I hope they all come back good
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I just took mt 10 yr old in because of vomiting and diahrea (sp?) and they charged me $87.00 for the bloodwork (itemized as: Total Health-Plus 75), and $28 for the Dr. visit, for a total of $115. This is in a suburb of Dallas, TX.
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