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Pictures of rescue centre kitties =)

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I decided to post more pictures of kitties that I worked with. These guys weren't fosters, I just went into the centre daily and spent time with them, medicated, cleaned.. etc etc.

Juju. She was found in a blizzard.. had a large mammory tumor, that was removed. Is currently in a foster home.

Jimmy! She's awesome. Shes still up for adoption actually. She was brough to us because she was peeing. MEdical tests were done, but nothign was found. She just wasn't happy in that home. Maybe because they declawed her?

Sparkie was found in below freezing weather. his paws were actually frozen to the pavement. He's a very friendly guy.. towards people anyway. He doens't care for other animals at all.

Kilo! He is a mixed bred sort of wildcat.. any suggestions would be great.. unfortunatly he is unadoptable so until we can find a cat sanctuary or something of the like, he'll be staying with the centre.

More to come!
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awww they are so cute.
poor Sparkie ''found in below freezing weather. his paws were actually frozen to the pavement'' shame.
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Camilla!! my love I want her so bad. She and her sister BEss were found with 3 other adult cats in a large box.. she and her sister were both pregnant.. and both sadly gave birth to their kittens dead.

Looks like Camilla, eh? Well its not. This is Raine. She was given to us with 2 other adult white cats and 2 kittens.. she soon gave birth to a litter of 6.

Kelsey. She was brought to us by a lady who used her as a barn cat. She was pregnant at the time but shortly aborted her babies after coming into our care.

NAdia! She was a feral kitten when we got her.. a kind lady decided to adopt this little girl and tamed her.. but unfortunately she ahd to go into a womans shelte and had to give her back.. but she was just adopted back out into a loving home!
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Oh those are all wonderful pics!!, I'd love to take them all home
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Dimples! shes a gorgeous girlie.. She was adopted =)

Ryder! he was found in a dump all the way from Toronto! He's a friendly guy.. but sometimes likes to start fights with cats. Also bolts at the door.

Miracle! I anemd her.. because its a miracle shes alive. She was attack by a stray dog and her neck was sliced open.. but she made it through! Shes been adopted along with a kitten we had.

Gaza!! I want this guy and his buddy so bad! He won't let anyone touch him.. except me. He was found when he was 8 weeks old.. he was severely abused and is still afraid of people.. 4 years later.
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Buttercup II. the II is because we have a buttercup at the time.. so theres Buttercup. and buttercup II. Shes friendly.. came to us matted.. we had to shave her.. no easy task might I add.

Sheena.. she reminds me of Cindy Crawford with that beauty mark!

This is Neil.. he has to go with Gaza.. he is an absolute lovebug

Dum de dum! Its Supercat! Yes, thats his name. He was adopted with Mossimo, one of my foster kittens =)
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Sassy! She was.. well she was a typical torti! Moody.

Riley. He needs a diet! But he needs a foster home first =)

Angel! She was brought to us at 6 months old.. and was pregnant x__x we didn't realise it though until she was aborting them.. she had difficulty doign it thoguh so we had her spayed, which removed the dead babies as well.

Diamond and her little neice, Honda. =) Honda is daughter to Raine.. and Diamond is Raines sisters baby.
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Load of kitties!

And agian.

Dusty! I like.. loved this guy.. he was adopted out with a kitty.Dustys tail is flat.. like a beaver.

Callie! She was the mum to my first foster kittens ever =) she suffers from a mild case of vestibular disease.

Thats all for now.

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What a beautiful bunch! Thanks for sharing!
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