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Who all likes to workout?

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Well I got back into weight lifting over the past two months and I have changed my diet. I have also stayed off the sodas and I have lost some weight and gained muscle. It feels good to be in semi-good shape again. Still need some more work on cardio. Still struggle keeping wind when I play basketball.

Is their any fitness buffs on the board. I just hope I can keep up with my routines. But them dam beer and mixed drinks is what I need to cut down on.
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My entire workout routine consists of being dragged around by my dog for a few blocks, followed by 15-20 minutes of rough housing with him

Good for you though for making an effort to get back in shape!
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I go to the YMCA at least 4 days a week, running/walking 3 - 5 miles! I have lost 10lbs....yay! I love working out, it makes me feel so much better!
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I play football (soccer, whatever you call it) so my work-out sessions are covered through that. I am a real bad player and am the most irregular one(got practice sessions at 6 in the morn everday, who would go??!) err...I've gained a few pounds.
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Yes I know what you mean. I have so much more energy now and I starting to get my abs and love handles looking good again. About three months ago it was a wake up call for me. I saw I was gaining to much weight. My last girlfriend liked me like that.

I usually just lift weights and do ab workouts. I am going to do more jogging and walking to improve my cardio more. I used to do kickboxing. But I injured my knee and lost the desire to keep up with it. I do plan on getting back into it. Once I left it is when I really got out of shape.
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I try to workout. I have a treadmill that I jog for a mile (about 13 mins) and after that I do Pilates for 20 min. then I start housecleaning and chasing after my 4 year old son and after my daughter gets out of school both of my kids do soccer so I go practice with them and if there's no soccer it's softball practice with my hubby. So I think I keep pretty fit. Exhausted by the end of the day, but I feel that I good.
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That's great that you're getting back into working out. Good for you! I'm a group exercise instructor so you could say I'm pretty into working out.
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i do advanced tai bo for an hour a day and i generally stick to water or diet coke, i'm into soft drinks anyway..or soda lol

it is a great feeling, i'm quiet toned now and my plan is to get to a size eight Australian for summer, Last time i did tai bo every day i lost a tonne of weight fast but i gave it a rest for a while...big mistake lol


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I was going to the gym religiously 4 - 5 days a week for a few years with little cardio and lots of iron/weights. I looked great but felt terrible. My elbows were in constant pain and I presently have a problem with shoulder/rotator cuff...very painful!! I had to stop completely. My real problem was that the gym became an obsession and not an enjoyment.

Just my personality I guess...but I couldn't go to the gym 2 - 3 times per wk., I had to go 4 - 5 times and not just go...but go hard!! gym for awhile for me. I have a very physical job (own a route) so for now, no gym at all and will just stick to work.
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I SUCK!!! I can't get off my fat A*s... I just get mad & feel sorry for myself! I am really starting to hate myself!!!
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Pilates every day, yoga every day, 30-60 mins. of freestyle dance every day (depending on my mood), 3-4x a week I add the Gazelle, Total Gym, Treadmill, Ball, Step, or one of the dance/tae bo/strip DVDs I have.
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Just have to keep my partying down to minimum. If I do that I should have my six pack back. I used to have a good wash board stomach. I am starting to get their.
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Check this thread out: Workout Support Thread
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I work out with my personal trainer three times a week for the past four months.
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i like working out but after 1 shift serving tables i am to worn out to go to the gym, and on the days i am not working i am in school. But i did find out, by wearing a pedometer, that a 8 hour shift is equal to about 6 miles of walking not including all the carrying i do....last weekend i has 2 back to back doubles, i walked like 24 i think thats a good workout
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Originally Posted by babyharley
I go to the YMCA at least 4 days a week, running/walking 3 - 5 miles! I have lost 10lbs....yay! I love working out, it makes me feel so much better!
Which YMCA do you belong too? I go to the "Y" 3 or 4 times per week as well. I belong to the brand new Andover facility. I wouldn't say I exactley enjoy it, but I certainly feel better after 2 months of working out!
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Originally Posted by emb_78
I SUCK!!! I can't get off my fat A*s... I just get mad & feel sorry for myself! I am really starting to hate myself!!!
You just need a friend to help motivate you. I only go because my husband and I make a "date" of it. I'd rather be sitting on the couch snacking with my kitties!
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I dont think i would mind working out, but my problem is I cant find anything I enjoy doing. I get bored pretty quickly and just walking or running, or machines get old to me, then I start to dread going and then I start to taper off, then not going at all.
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I work out for at least an hour a day. Alcohol is the worst thing for you; it turns to sugar and fat so fast! My cousin needs to lose 50 pounds at least, and I think she'd lose half of it if she laid off the booze.
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