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Single kitty owners

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Everyone I meet advices me to get a play mate for my kitty-Pablo. Every book and article I read says that a single indoor kitten often gets bored. Is it true? I would love to get a playmate for Pablo, but its just impossible at this time. Pablo has her whole room filled with different toys and boxes and cushions to tear apart!! But somehow those toys fail to amuse her, most of the toys bore her now. I myself spend a lotta time with my kitty and play with her but lately it has become very difficult to play with her, she will always chew my fingers and toes and tear of my shirt buttons. What do these signs indicate? Is my kitty bored or just a normal kitten behaviour? Plus any other single kitty owners here?

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When i just had Rosie although i played with her often, she clawed the side of my leather suite, the wallpaper and the carpet.

Since getting Sophie she doesn't touch them now because she has a play mate which i wished i'd done earlier, so i'd say go for it!
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I would love to get another kitty, but I just can't...its not possible...too little space. But a single kitty also can lead a happy life right, its not like she is doomed to boredom and destruction??
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I have three cats in a 900 sq ft, 2 bdrm apartment. Perhaps not the ideal arrangement, but all three were rescues so either way they're better off. LOL This way there's a room for each one and a window for each one.

If your kitty is overeating or being overly destructive, those are good signs that she's bored. However, getting another cat isn't necessarily the best remedy for this. My 'alpha cat' would have preferred being an only cat, and she doesn't get along with either of the two 'interlopers' that I have brought in since I got her. Some cats are loners, and yours may be one.

I've a cousin who does rescue work and she says the best way to have multiple cats is either to get littermates or to introduce all cats to your home at the same time. That way, the territorial issues that exist when you bring a second cat into a resident cat's 'turf' aren't there.

Give it some thought before you make a decision. And one more thing -- if you adopt a second cat, make it an adult. Dealing with a hyper kitten will try a resident cat's patience. Also, adult cats are less likely to be adopted than kittens, so you'll be saving a life.
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Well, she isnt over-eating, neither is she over-destructive...atleast till now she isnt...but till today I havent met anyone with a single cat. This fact just bothers me a bit, I want my kitty to live a happy life. She is a rescued one so am sure she is living a better life...but know, just a thing that I cant get off my head.
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As long as she seems to be doing well and is getting some playtime and cuddles from you every day, I wouldn't worry about it. It's kind of like having an only child and people telling you that only children are always lonely, selfish, etc. LOL After a while no matter how well adjusted your child seems, you start doubting yourself.

If she's doing okay alone, no need to rock the boat. Unless, of course, you get a chance to do another rescue. In my book, saving another cat's life trumps my 'alpha kitty's' desire to be Numero Solo. lol
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I got a second kitty for the reason you just described. (and for the fact that there are so many kitties stranded in cages at the pound!)

My recommendation would be to let the cats interact some before you formally adopt a cat. That way you can choose a cat that fits your current cat's personality.
Also, adopt a cat at a period in your life where you have lots of time to spend with each one. The transition period can cause some headaches and you will need the extra time!

With another cat I've had, I find that if the cat has a big window with lots to look at outside, they may not get bored at all and can be just fine without a companion
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When my little boy (now 3 mths old) lost his siblings and had to be separated from his mom, we played with him often and for long periods of time. He played very rough, loved to bite and chew our fingers and LOVED to climb me like a scratching post.

After he and his mom were re-united, he continued this rough behaviour with her, but got soundly reprimanded by her. He's since learned to tone down when interacting with humans, there's very little chewing, nothing that a simple "No, Wukong" (that would be his name) won't stop. He's very much less excitable since being resocialized with his mom. She also provides him with lots of entertainment and keeps him tired out, which is good.

I guess kittens get over-excited pretty easily, when they grow older they'll tone down. Well, most will... So if you really don't have space for another cat, wait it out till she matures. If you can, then I strongly suggest getting another cat.

When cats play, they learn what's a hard bite, what's acceptable strength.. and other important things that only cats can teach each other. Preferably littermates, but if that's not possible, another cat is still way better than a human. Also, cats can entertain each other much better than humans can, provided they have compatible energy levels.

Consider getting another kitty... twice the love in your house!!
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Cupid is an only child and he's not bored. I play with him and spend time with him as if I were a cat, and I think he may think I am. I don't work though, so most of my days are spent with him in one way or other. If I was going to have to leave him alone for hours, I would defiantely get him a companion, and I plan on it soon!
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Dori is an only kitty. I work all day Monday - Friday and she does just fine. I play with her in the evenings and she has plenty to keep her busy during the day. I honestly think she is happier being an only kitty and would have a fit if I tried to bring home a second.

If you don't feel comfortable getting a 2nd cat then don't do it. Only you know best. Pablo can be perfectly happy being an only kitty. All you have to do is spoil her a bit and she will be just fine
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I feel such guilt about having an only kitty!
But, I honestly believe that Smidge would not be happy with other cats.
She gets my undivided attn and ignores me quite a bit - which I think is a good sign. Plus, everyone tells me when she gets a bit older she will sleep all the time anyway, whether there is another cat around or not.

She is a different cat around me than with other ppl or animals - she is VERY afraid and freaked out and hides till the bad things go away!

As far as I can know, Smidge has never had a good home with a loving human doting on her. I think it is very possible she would be a different cat with a different dynamic.

My place is small + multiple cats are expensive. I wanted to make sure at least one cat would be v. happy and well cared for. If another cat comes into my life by accident some day, then I'll consider adding another.

The other thing: At the rescue place I was there for hours - and no one wanted me! 100 cats rejected me - either by running, biting me, scratching me, or attacking my ankles. Smidge was tucked away napping while this was going on but after she woke up and was in my arms for a nano-second she told I belonged to her. There. It was over. I gotta believe the fates got it right.

oh - and btw - I know plenty of multi-cat households where the cats are NOT friends - and some are even hostile to each other.

You gave a needy kitty a home (I think you rescued?). That is the most important thing foremost.
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Marlee is my one and only! I only recently adopted her, been about a month now! She had some health problems the first 2 1/2 to 3 weeks, so really its only been the last week or so that I've really gotten to play with her and see her personaltiy develop (she was sleeping all the time at first). She seems very happy, and the good news is that my long time bf also has a Manx who is about a year old. As soon as Marlee has gotten a little bigger (shes about 12-14 weeks, and only barely over 2 lbs) we're gonna let them become playmates! I am in school monday-thursday, but spend pretty much all my time with her in evenings and at night she sleeps with me. Once Mick (BFs kitty) and her are introduced and getting along well, I may start keeping them together when I'm at school. Good luck, and like others have said, trust your intuition. If you think it would be best for your kitten and you to add to the family, then do so. But as long as your cats gets love and attention, dont do anything that will make you uncomfortable!
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Pouncer is my one and only. She seems uber-happy being the only cat- we don't have a HUGE house, but we have a house with a lot of exploring holes, nooks and crannies for her to go in and come out dust-covered. :P Also a lot of jumping-around space, off sofas and chairs and everything. I'm away at school during the week, but I know my mom and dad play with her in the evenings. I think giving her plenty of attention and toys should be okay. I've worried about her getting bored as well, but I cannot handle two kitties (or rather, my parents can't. I could :P). So i spend all my weekends at home playing with her and bonding.
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I have multiple cats but I don't necessarily think that ALL cats needs another feline companion. I have one cat (my oldest) who has never liked the idea of sharing her house with other cats. I have one, that prefers to play with the dog, than the other cats, and still another that I suspect would be perfectly happy if I got rid of all those icky boy cats and spent all of my time petting her.
Of the five cats, I have one that I truly believe would be extremely unhappy as an only cat. He HATES to be alone. I don't know if that is because we raised him in a multiple cat home, or what. I can say that my two girls who were only cats for a time, I think wouldn't mind going back to that arrangement. In my experience with some cats its more difficult and stressful on the cat to introduce a new cat to the family than to just allow her her only cat status.
Cats, like people, or dogs, are very individual. If you really want to know if your cat would benefit from a playmate, or prefer to be a loner, why don't you look into fostering a homeless cat for a rescue group. That would help out a kitty in need of a temporary home, and allow you to test your cats interest in the new addition.

Good Luck!
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Before getting another cat, you must have the resources to be able to take care of him/her. Altzarina, it sounds like you are saying you don't - at least space wise. That is a small consideration compared to others. For instance, can you afford nutritious food for 2 cats? What about shots and spay/neuter surgery? What about annual vet visits? What about medical care if the cats got sick or hurt?

If you can properly care for more than one cat, you may want to consider it, even with limited space. There are so many cats and kittens who need homes, it would be wonderful for one of them to share your home. On the other hand, if you cannot handle it, please don't take on the responsibility.

Oliver was an only cat - indoor only - for 3 years. He had a lot of attention and didn't seem to mind. As a matter of fact, he was kind of "miffed" when we got Tripod. After awhile they became best friends.

Consider all the pros and cons. Then you can make an informed decision.
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I only have one. Sometimes I wish I had two, and a plan to someday. But right now I have a tiny apt and 2 roommates who I don't think are too keen on TWO kitties. Sometimes I wish Miko had a playmate. But on the otherhand I think she likes being spoiled and pampered as the only kitty.
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This is the first time I have had more than one cat inside. (I have barn cats, too.) I have had many happy single cats. My first childhood cat, Friskey, did not like any animals in the house. She would frown down at the dogs we had, and really thought I was crazy for letting baby bunnies visit inside. I shudder to think what she would have done with another cat!

My sister adopted Baby Kitty at 10 years old. Baby's dad, who had 4 cats, married a woman with 4 cats. When they went on their honeymoon, they asked people to take a cat, so there would not be too many at home for a caretaker to watch over. Then they encouraged people to keep a cat if they wished. When my sis showed up to get a cat, Baby came right to her. Everyone was surprised, because Baby was known to be shy and nasty.

Baby thrived on her own at my sister's house. She was unhappy when a roommate moved in with another kitty, and happy when they left. She learned to be friendly with strangers over time, and did not hiss as often as at first. She was very loving with my sister, and with her husband when she married.

Once, when her previous owner visited, she hissed at him and ran to hide, breaking his heart because he loved her dearly. She just wanted to be an only cat, and for the last seven years of her life, she was!
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Oliver is an only-kitty and will always remain so - and he's happy as can be! First of all, I'm a college student in a studio apartment, so space and money are at a premium and a second kitty would not be an option... second, Oliver is FIV+, so unless I were to get another FIV+ kit I wouldnt want to subject another fur baby to the disease... Oliver is a very big mommy's boy and I think he's perfectly content being an only kitty! He is king of the roost (or so he thinks, haha, I'm still the ultimate Mama cat!) and I think would be devistated to have my attention divided! He even kicks my boyfriend out of bed at times to have me to himself! His little brothers and sisters include fish and a tank of hermit crabs though - so he gets to watch them all the time (although he sometimes gets jealous when I'm cleaning the tanks and not playing with him!) I also always leave the tv on animal planet or throw a DVD in for him when I go to class (plus he watches the squirrels and all that live in the woods outside my window)... Hey, I'm an only child and always found ways of entertaining myself! Oliver's not destructive in the least and usually spends most of his day sleeping anyhow, haha! So, it's definitely not impossible to keep an only cat!
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